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By August 3, 2022 Blog

In the Compass Charter Schools Online Learning Program (Compass Online), we commit to fostering maximum learning with developmental confidence. This academic success requires incredibly talented support, some of which is in the form of brilliant tutors, which can be found in-house at Compass Online, a tuition-free public K-12 school serving Los Angeles, San Diego, Yolo, and surrounding counties. 

Compass’ Online Learning Program provides stellar scholar support, complete with in-house tutors, who are trained to be the best.
Tutors For Optimal Support

Our Compass Online scholars are fully supported in their quests for bright futures. One way we offer such support is with tutors we hire in-house. They are an essential part of our Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), a robust framework designed specifically for scholar success, which includes English Learning, Social and Emotional Learning, Counseling, and Tutoring. We have small-group tutoring sessions that meet weekly, as well as open office hours available to support scholars with specific questions and needs. Always free, too! 

“Having tutors in-house contributes to the creation of an equitable learning environment. Some families may not have the resources to hire a private tutor and in-house tutoring allows for families to focus on their scholars’ academic success. Scholars who are struggling in language arts or math are able to meet with tutors who have a good understanding of the Compass Online curriculum. Tutoring sessions also provide opportunities for scholars to meet and socialize with their peers. A supportive environment is built in tutoring sessions, and scholars feel comfortable asking questions to improve understanding.” – Jasmine Mejia, Tutor

Those who attend in-house tutoring at Compass Online feel comfortable with their tutor and their peers because we make a point to build a safe and empathetic environment that encourages scholars to take the academic risks that they aren’t confident to take in their classroom. The goal of in-house tutoring isn’t to get one-time help for homework or to prepare for a test, but it’s to build comprehension skills and gain a deeper understanding. I’ve witnessed scholars reading aloud for the first time, repeating an assessment until they get all the answers correct and even one who created her own lesson to demonstrate to the class how to solve a problem. Scholars feel connected to one another–like a family–and they’re more comfortable and willing to learn because of that connection.” – Melissa Mayer, Scholar Success Coordinator

And since we practice AVID strategies school-wide, (we are proud to be one of a few free online charter schools in the nation to earn the title of Certified AVID Site) tutors are simply built into our program. 

“Having in-house tutors is crucial for optimal scholar support. Our tutors receive training to ensure they are meeting the personalized needs of our scholars and have access to information an outside tutoring service would not have. Additionally, they can see the process of how we use our benchmark assessments to identify skill gaps and identify tiered engagement. They can then implement our research-based curricula during their tutoring sessions to close those skill gaps. We have already seen gains after the first year of using in-house tutors!” – Aviva Ebner, Assistant Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer.

Simply The Best

We take the role of tutor very seriously at Compass Online. After all, we are The Gold Standard in Virtual Education, so we ensure we bring only the best candidates in-house to support our incredible scholars.

“I believe that hiring our counselors and tutors in-house allows us to add another level of personalization in our world of remote work that emulates the personalization we offer to our scholars.”

“Since we utilize a competency-based hiring process, the first thing that our candidates experience is an invitation to complete an inventory. While this may not be a standard practice in the industry, we provide candidates with a brief glimpse of what it is like to be a tutor here at Compass Online. Moving beyond the inventory phase involves a virtual face-to-face interview with hiring managers and a few selected potential colleagues using carefully curated questions that allow our candidates to share their personalities and experiences.”

“I feel this is a unique and personalized approach to identifying highly qualified candidates who also see themselves fitting into our organization based on our Mission, Vision, and Values. This also benefits Compass Online in terms of scholar experience and outcomes, employee job satisfaction, employee retention, and referrals.” – Sophia Trivino, Chief People Officer.

“I have had the opportunity to watch the in-house tutoring program develop and year after year- I have seen the Compass Online families grow to love the program. I have received a lot of positive feedback and I love how we have asked, listened, and implemented ways that the families have shared about improving tutoring each year. Not only does in-house tutoring provide the opportunities for scholars to reinforce their academic skills, but it allows them to participate and build a community within our amazing school. I have personally been able to see growth within my scholar’s education, but also in their confidence. Coming to sessions quickly becomes a priority and the scholar’s truly enjoy attending. I am proud to be a part of the MTSS tutoring program because the scholar centric attitude is seen within our team and the tutoring families know that their scholar’s growth is the core of our mission.” -Silvia Pearsall, Tutor

Thanks to our high-quality in-house support, our scholars rise up like Firebirds in our tuition-free public K-12 online school.Together we carry out our mission to inspire and develop innovative, creative, self-directed learners, one scholar at a time. Would you like to rise and soar like a Firebird too? Join us!

About Compass 

Compass Charter Schools’ Online Learning Program (Compass Online) is celebrating 10 years as the Gold Standard in Virtual Education. Serving thousands of online scholars throughout California, we support each K-12 scholar and learning coach with in-house counselors, talented accredited teachers, and a staff of excellence. As the only Purple Star School in California and one of the few online AVID programs in the nation, Compass Online is beyond unique and impressive. Rise and Soar with our Firebirds – enroll with Compass Online today!

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