Top 10 Benefits to Online Learning

By June 15, 2022 Blog

In the Compass Charter Schools Online Learning Program (Compass Online), our scholars learn in a modern, inclusive, fully-supported academic environment. We care deeply about every scholar’s intellectual, physical and emotional balance, and we commit to fostering maximum learning with developmental confidence. Compass Online is an A-G and WASC-aligned tuition-free, public, virtual school for scholars in grades K-12 that celebrates over 10 years of teaching online. Our mission is to inspire and develop innovative, creative, self-directed learners, one scholar at a time in Los Angeles, San Diego, Yolo charters, which serves scholars who reside in these and their surrounding counties. Because of our expertise in virtual education, we feel confident these benefits of online learning will resonate with you and your scholars.

As a parent who survived the years of COVID protocols, you may be questioning what is best for your scholars’ social, mental, and academic health. To help any K-12 families looking for The Gold Standard in Virtual Education, we compiled this list of Top 10 Benefits of Online Learning:

An online student presents to a virtual classroom.

1- Feel Safe at Home

Online learning keeps education accessible during a public health crisis, natural disaster, or other unfortunate event. Data shows that 20% of scholars ages 12-18 experienced bullying nationwide, and of those, roughly 43% experienced bullying in the school hallways or stairwells, and approximately 42% said they were bullied in the classroom. Online learning leaves little room for bullying or other threats, and lots of space for scholar safety. Moreover, online scholars find counselor support at Compass Online very approachable, confidential, and effective.

2- Connect Deeper with Teachers

Online scholars quickly discover that access to high-quality teachers and staff with office hours for additional 1:1 time encourages a much deeper connection and level of support than in traditional classrooms. According to our scholars, closely working with talented teachers, who are highly skilled and knowledgeable, positively impacts the level of personalized learning.

3- Flex the Schedule and Master Time

Virtual learning requires scholars to master time management skills and in doing so, encourages flexibility. Coursework is scheduled around family travels/moves, childhood careers, and other facets of life. This mastering of time management lends itself to the practice of self-discipline and responsibility. Scholars are accountable for attending the weekly live classes (or watching the recorded ones), getting homework in on time, asking for extra help when needed, and creating presentations that meet class standards. Flexing these responsibility muscles prepares scholars for life after school well above and beyond traditional classroom expectations.

4- Eat Your Way

Learning from home opens up the opportunity for home-prepared meals that fit the scholar’s dietary requirements or restrictions. Scholars get to eat what they like while also reducing food waste that is very prevalent in school cafeterias (see Benefit #10). Pro tip: certain foods are better for your brain, so instead of eating cafeteria mystery food, or snacks from vending machines, go for food that boosts your brain for the ultimate learning experience. 

5- Work at Your Level and Pace

We believe in scholar success. Every scholar approaches each course at their own level, and everyone learns at a different pace. Online learning programs simultaneously allow teachers to approach each scholar at their level and teach at their pace. No more feeling dragged along with the herd or bored waiting for everyone else to catch up. Especially with the Gold Standard in Virtual Education at Compass Online, a scholar’s path is their own.

6- Connect Deeper with Learning Coaches

We call parents and guardians Learning Coaches. Studies show that scholars excel in academics when their parents are involved and that scholar-coach relationships get stronger with each grade level together. The more supported the learning coach, the more supported the scholar. We believe this fosters a healthy impact on each online scholar’s education and future.

7- Learn in Style, Your Style

Every scholar processes information differently, and online learning accommodates every learning style. Online teachers understand this and are empowered with the freedom and creativity to educate our scholars individually based on learning style. Our Compass Online education creates a deeper connection between teachers and scholars; we are proud of how our highly-trained instructional staff personalizes teaching for every K-12 scholar. (see Benefit #2).

8- Practice Inclusivity and Networking

Online classrooms encourage more inclusivity and reduce pressure for traditionally shy scholars to participate. Online classes also invite scholars from a wider geographic area than traditional classrooms, which encourages online scholars to build stronger long-term friendships that branch out into valuable online networks for a lifetime. After years of online learning, scholars can build quite a powerful and collaborative online community. 

9- Create your Own Study Space

Hate stiff industrial desks? Study better on the couch or kitchen table? No problem! When scholars study at home, they make study space work for them. Granted, learning coaches have a say in this, too, but scholars don’t have to sit still for hours and pretend to concentrate. Scholars can take self-timed personal exercise breaks or study with the family dog sleeping at their feet.

10- Go Green with a Low Carbon Footprint

Attending virtual school alleviates long bus rides and carpooling, big building energy draw, and unnecessary paper resources. Online learning also reduces water and food waste, too. Simply put, virtual learning lowers the carbon footprint, significantly! It’s an exciting time for education, and we look forward to creating incredible opportunities with you. Rise and Soar with our Compass Firebirds – Enroll today!

About Compass 

Compass Charter Schools’ Online Learning Program (Compass Online) celebrates 10 years as the Gold Standard in Virtual Education. Serving thousands of online scholars throughout California, we support each K-12 scholar and learning coach with in-house counselors, talented accredited teachers, and a staff of excellence. As the only Purple Star School in California, and one of the few online AVID programs in the nation, Compass Online is beyond unique and impressive. Rise and Soar with our Firebirds – Enroll today!


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