Is Enrollment still open for the 2022-2023 school year?

Enrollment is still open for some of our programs. Click here to find the latest information.

When will enrollment open for the 2023-24 school year?

Enrollment opened March 1st for 2023-24 school year.

Is Compass Charter Schools (CCS) a private school?

No. CCS is a public charter school. We are a tuition-free school so there are no fees required for scholars to attend, and there are no entrance exams or other requirements often associated with private schools. The quality and personalized care our staff provides does remind people of private schools. Imagine; CCS provides the benefits of a private school without the tuition costs!

Can my child enroll part time?

As a public, tuition-free charter school, scholars may only be enrolled as full-time scholars with us.

Do you offer Summer School?

We sure do! More information about Summer School will be shared in late Spring.

How long does the enrollment and registration process take?

Not long! Once your application is complete, there are a few steps in the process, depending on the program you select and grade level. Our friendly Enrollment Specialists are here to help you throughout both the enrollment and registration process. If you need someone to walk you through the process, give an Enrollment Specialist a call (877) 506-8631 (press 1 for Enrollment) Our team is happy to help.

When can my child begin their courses?

The first day of school for the 2022-2023 school year was Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

If you enroll mid year, as soon as you complete the enrollment process and sign the Master Agreement, your scholar(s) can begin their classes.

What is different about TK enrollment?

The Options Program funding for a TK scholar is based on their 5th birthday. Scholars must turn 5 prior to February 2nd to receive the regular TK funding for the 2022-23 school year. If their 5th birthday is after February 2nd they will need to apply for the following school year. Scholars must turn 5 prior to April 2nd to receive the regular TK funding for the 2023-24 school year. If their 5th birthday is after April 2nd they will need to apply for the following school year.

Do you provide computers to your scholars?

If you are in our Online Program and are in need of a laptop, we have a Computer Loan Program to support you. Request the form when you speak to your Supervising Teacher after signing the Master Agreement. If you are in our Options Program, you may use your Educational Funds towards the purchase of a computer.

Can you access my scholar’s past school records for me?

Yes! However, please note there could be a delay in receiving those records due to the possible high volume of requests to your previous school. If you have access to those records, we encourage you to send them to us during the enrollment and registration process to avoid those delays.

Are immunization records required?

Under the SB277 Immunization Bill, our school is deemed an independent study program without classroom instruction and, therefore, you are NOT subject to immunization requirements to enroll. Because the state requires us to have immunization records on file, we do ask that a copy of any immunization records you have for your scholar be submitted. However, you will still be able to enroll without them.

Can I submit picture copies of enrollment documents?

Yes! You may upload all required documents to Reg Online when you complete registration.

What happens after I fill out the application and submit all the required documents?

Once all is complete, our Enrollment Team will process your application and reach out if we need more information and to confirm when all is complete. The Academic Team will then send you the Master Agreement to be signed by you and your scholar. The date on your Master Agreement becomes your “official enroll date”.

Can I switch programs if I find that one is not the right fit?

Yes. Program transfers during the school year are possible through a waitlist. You may also make the switch during re-enrollment for the following school year.



Is Compass Charter Schools WASC accredited?
Yes! We are proud to be a WASC accredited school.

What will my child study?

  • Our Online scholars in grades K-5 will study English, math, social studies, science, and physical education using our Accelerate Education curriculum.
  • Online scholars in grade 6-8 will study English, math, social studies, science, and physical education, along with the choice of one (1) elective course per semester using the Accelerate Education curriculum.
  • Online scholars in grades 9-12 will follow our high school course requirements for graduation. The counselors and teachers will work with the Learning Coach and scholar to make high school course choices. Our scholars use the Accelerate Education curriculum.
  • Our Home Study scholars and their Supervising Teacher will select from a variety of curriculum options to determine the best fit for their situation.

What is a Learning Coach? What are the responsibilities?
Families will designate a Learning Coach (LC) to guide their scholars through their coursework. Online scholars in K-5 and TK-12 Home study scholars, will need a dedicated LC (about 20-30 hours a week) to help them every step of the way, checking lesson plans, organizing schedules, collecting samples and maintaining contact with teachers. Online scholars in grades 6-8 are slightly more independent, and LC’s can expect to dedicate about 5-10 hours to checking in with their scholar to be sure they’re progressing as necessary. Online scholars in grades 9-12 are mostly independent. LC’s can expect to dedicate about 5-10 hours a week monitoring their scholar’s progress.

Do you offer extra-curricular activities, clubs or field trips?
Yes! CCS believes in providing plenty of enrichment activities and trips to support scholar educational progress. Please check out our Calendar of Events, which lists all of our upcoming events. We also currently offer a variety of scholar clubs, which are all conducted virtually!

Does my scholar have to participate in state testing?
Yes. All eligible scholars are required to participate in state testing. The CAASPP and ELPAC are required by state and federal laws. All public schools are required to administer these assessments in the relevant grade levels. Testing locations are located across the counties we serve. Dates and times vary, and we announce these in the spring. We realize testing takes up valuable learning time, and we attempt to plan ways to minimize the disruption it may cause.

In an independent study program like this, how would the school know if a scholar is successful?
Our teachers maintain regular communications with scholars and/or families to maintain open dialogue so that if a scholar is in need of help, it can be addressed in a timely manner. In addition, scholars are monitored regularly throughout the school year to be sure that they are making progress in their courses. We also schedule benchmark testing three times during the school year, to give us information about scholar growth and alert us if a scholar needs additional academic support. We firmly believe in our partnership between scholar, LC and staff and will work together to support the scholar.

How is attendance taken in this type of program?
Attendance in an independent study program is done through time value of the demonstrated work products and not by time in a classroom as in brick and mortar school. This is why logs, required samples, and meetings are an important part of scholar attendance.

Are there a lot of students who are not able to succeed in this environment?
Honestly, there are a few. Some think that success in our program has much to do with age and maturity but really, it is less about age than about dedication and discipline. Being an independent study scholar is not difficult, but it does require a scholar to be responsible and dedicated to learning. We have found that the majority of the scholars who join us are able to do very well in this environment. The main reasons that scholars struggle in an independent study program like ours is:
1) they do not study or read the material as they should, nor do they prepare for the work required, or
2) they do not have a desire to further their education, so they are not committed to pushing themselves, or
3) they cannot work independently or they do not have support at home to hold them accountable.

What happens if a scholar is not successful in this type of program?
According to Ed Code, we are obligated to set standards for success and academic growth which scholars need to meet in order to continue with us. Our dedicated teachers will work with scholars and LCs to give the guidance, encouragement, and support needed so scholars may continue successfully with our program; however, if a scholar is not benefiting in this unique educational model with all the provided support and guidance, they may need to be referred back to their school of residence.

Online Program

Can you give me an overview of the Online Program?
The Online Program provides an education close to what you would find in a traditional school with the added benefit that our scholars can adjust their school schedule to better meet their needs! The online lessons are accessible 24/7 so you can break up your lessons throughout the day however you see fit. Our credentialed teachers support the online lessons with live/interactive lessons online and then the Learning Coach (parent) supports the scholar at home. All lessons for grades 6-12 are online, although some scholars prefer to print out worksheets and complete schoolwork in notebooks first. In K-5 there are additional materials that are sent to your home to supplement the online experience. This all speaks to the flexible nature of Compass Charter Schools and the ability to tailor school to fit your scholar’s personality and educational needs!

What curriculum will my scholar use in the Online Program?
After much research and study, we have elected to use Accelerate Education curriculum.

Home Study 'Options' Program

Can you give me an overview of the Home study Program?
The home study program here at Compass Charter Schools (CCS) is called the Options program. Scholars and parents work with their assigned credentialed Supervising Teacher (ST) to develop a Personalized Learning Plan based on the family’s educational philosophy and scholar’s learning style. Families meet with their assigned ST on a regular basis to discuss assigned work, review progress and exchange samples in various subjects. In addition, Educational Support Funds are allotted to each scholar to use towards approved non-sectarian educational materials, curriculum, and services.

I have never homeschooled my child, can I really do this?
Yes! We provide plenty of support here at CCS. Our Supervising Teachers are excellent resources and can help you along the way. We also conduct workshops for the parents / learning coaches to share resources that help you work with your scholars.

What is an Supervising Teacher (ST)?
Our caring, credentialed Supervising Teachers provide support in the form of academic guidance, parental support, and assurance of state compliance.

Can I use funds for extra-curricular activities?
Yes. As long as you have all of your core curriculum in place, you will be able to use funds for enrichment classes and curriculum that align with your Personalized Learning Plan. You will work closely with your ST to determine the best use of the Educational Support Funds.

Do I receive this money directly?
Funds are allocated for your scholar but those funds are “banked” with the school. Families, with input and support from their Supervising Teacher, decide how and where those funds will be used in relation to their Personalized Learning Plan. Most families purchase lessons, classes, curriculum and/or science kits from our extensive list of approved providers.

Do my scholars receive the same amount of funds no matter how old they are or when we enroll?
Educational Support Fund amounts will vary depending on your scholar’s grade level. Scholars in grades K-8 are allocated up to $2,800 in funds. Scholars in grades 9-12 are allocated up to $3,000 in funds. The amount of funding received depends on your scholar’s first official day at CCS. The full amount of funding is available to scholars who start on the first day of school.

When, where and how are materials shipped?
The materials that are ordered for you scholars will be shipped directly to your home. The delivery time varies because each provider has different packaging and delivery timelines. Once you receive materials, you must quickly scan and email the signed packing slip to your ST.

What happens at learning period meetings with my scholar’s Supervising Teacher (ST)?
Learning Period meetings must include the ST, the scholar and the parent. Because we are a virtual school, CCS does not require in-person meetings. Meetings are held by phone or other online communication. At meetings, the learning coach (parent) and scholar share all recent progress, lessons, and work samples with the ST.

Special Education

Can you give me an overview of the Special Education Program at CCS?
As Compass Charter Schools is a virtual school, we provide support services in an online environment for scholars with IEPs. Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) is provided by CCS Special Education Instructors in a virtual online format. We create an environment that is similar to a traditional, in-person one except that instead of being in the same room, the scholar and provider meet in a live virtual classroom using tools such as Adobe Connect, or some other online classroom application and using best practices in Special Education. IEP services for Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Psychological Services are provided by specialized contractors sent by CCS to provide assessment and therapy services and are often provided virtually as well. More and more schools are using online learning systems and technologies to support their scholars. By implementing these programs, our scholars have the added benefit of advancing their computer literacy skills.

Am I able to have my child evaluated for SPED services?
Yes. Parents of enrolled scholars may state in writing that they would like to have their child evaluated and submit it to their scholar’s CCS teacher.

What are some benefits of virtual special education services?
Some benefits that we have found here at CCS are:
a. Because we are a virtual school, it is a part of our school’s thinking to take advantages of excellent online tools when providing and supporting our scholars in their educational journeys.
b. Online services provide the benefit of time. Without the need for travel time for both the scholar and the provider, more time can be spent preparing for each session or studying. Time for the special education scholar is an absolutely vital component in the success of a struggling scholar.
c. It is natural for children to work well in familiar settings. Learning is no different. A comfortable environment increases learning for scholars. What is more comfortable than home? As educators, maximizing opportunities and situations for learning is essential.
d. It is also quite natural for children to take time to reach a certain comfort level with new people; It takes time to build a relationship with strangers, especially adults you do not see often. On the other hand, meeting with someone online is less intimidating and much easier for a child. The stress associated with a “stranger” entering their home is alleviated and the length of time for them to become comfortable is significantly reduced. All this means more learning can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.

High School

What college have your graduates been accepted to?
• Adrian College                                   • Augsburg College
• Boise State                                          • Cal Baptist University
• Castleton University                         • Drew University
• Cal Lutheran University                   • Cal State, Channel Islands
• Cal State, San Francisco                   • Cal State, Stanislaus
• Johnson & Wales University           • Julliard School
• Kent State University                        • New England College
• SUNY Oswego                                     • Thomas College
• University of Arizona                        • UC, Berkley
• UC, Davis                                             • UC, Santa Barbara
• UC, Irvine                                            • UC, Merced
• UC Riverside                                       • UC, San Diego
• UC, San Francisco                              • Utica College

Can my high school scholar graduate early?
Yes. Our program allows scholars to accelerate academically to meet the graduation requirements a semester to a year early. Your school counselor can offer insight and is a great resource to assist you in the planning process.

Will my scholar be able to take community college courses?
Community college courses can be a great way for high school scholars to take more challenging courses and prepare for college. Because college courses tend to be more challenging, we want to help assure scholar success when transitioning to college courses. Therefore, scholars will need to meet the requirements of the Concurrent/Dual Credit Enrollment Policy before being approved.

Do you require community service hours?
High school scholars are not required to engage in community service projects/hours to be eligible to graduate and/or earn a high school diploma. We do, however, have a Samaritan Award which is awarded annually to scholars who give 50+ hours of community service to their community.

Still have questions about Compass Charter Schools? Please reach out to our Enrollment Team at either 855-937-4227 or enrollment@compasscharters.org!