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We partner with home study families to provide flexible options for scholars to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

CCS’s home study (Options) program is our home study program for grades TK-12. Our program allows parents to be fully involved in all aspects of their child’s daily education. Parents should be fully committed to:

  1. Select & implement appropriate curriculum from approved community provider list. (See provider information below.)
  2. Create a compelling learning environment every school day.
  3. Provide challenging lessons and experiences for learning according to the scholar’s personalized learning plan.
  4. Strive to be the best primary instructor for their scholars.

Orange County Learning Center

Approved Community Providers

Pre-Application for Interested Businesses
*Window to reopen June 3, 2024*

Community Provider Review Form (for Teacher & LC’s only)

TK Program Flyer

Scholars must turn 5 between Sept. 5, 2023  and April 2, 2024

The home study program is for families who are seeking a home-based educational environment, with the flexibility of selecting from a large variety of curricular options.

2023-2024 TK Program Information
2023-2024 TK Program Information

2023-2024 Options Elementary Course List
2023-2024 Options Middle School Course List
2023-2024 Options High School Course List 

2024-2025 Options Elementary Course List
2024-2025 Options Middle School Course List
2024-2025 Options High School Course List 

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The home study learning coach (parent) must desire active involvement in their child’s education on a daily basis and be fully committed to being the scholar’s primary instructor. Our caring, credentialed Supervising Teachers (ST) provide ongoing guidance and support to families, monitor the use of instructional funds, provide information about the included subscription package of online supplemental learning and keep families informed about CCS enrichment activities.

Scholars and learning coaches work with their assigned, credentialed ST to develop a custom personalized learning plan for scholars. Throughout the year, families connect with their ST to discuss assigned work, manage progress, and review samples and activity logs. In addition to the academic support, each scholar is allocated Educational Support funds. The funds are used to purchase non-sectarian curriculum, supplies, lessons, and classes to enhance scholar learning. These materials and services are provided by businesses on our approved community provider list.

As an independent study program, the learning coach must work in partnership with the ST throughout the year to make sure the scholar is progressing at an appropriate pace. Scholars are expected to participate in educational activities on all school days per the school calendar.

Some families work on specific subject areas for longer periods of time a couple of days a week, while others spend a shorter amount of time on each subject through out the week. Some families tend to concentrate most of their work time during the early mornings, while others work later in the day. Each family is unique in their learning and teaching style. Each family is unique in their family situation and schedule. This is why our program gives families a great deal of freedom and flexibility, while still providing personalized support.

Reach out to our Enrollment Team to learn more about our Options Program.