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Step 1:

Complete Online Application
After completing the first part of the application, you will receive a validation code at the email address you provided with further instructions. This validation code NEEDS to be copied and pasted from the email into the Validation Code Entry Field at the end of the application process. If you are enrolling 2 or more scholars, use a different email for each child, or use an alias for any gmail account by adding a +1, +2, or +3 after your name (For example, mary.cruz@gmail.com could use mary.cruz+1@gmail.com OR mary.cruz+2@gmail.com). Messages will all go into the inbox at mary.cruz@gmail.com

Enrollment Application FAQ’s

Step 2:

Submit required enrollment and registration paperwork
Use our enrollment checklist to guide you through this process. Please have the following documents available and ready to scan, then email them to enrollment@compasscharters.org or fax to (855)265-0608.

If you do not have any of these documents please contact the Enrollment Team at (877) 506-8631 to discuss alternative options.

Step 3:

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