Counseling Podcast – February 2024 –  Be Your Own Advocate – How To Incorporate Self-Advocacy To Empower Your Own School Success – In this episode of Firebird Chat, hosts Mr. Samples and Mrs. Schwartzberg emphasize the importance of self-advocacy for scholars at Compass. They break down the concept, encouraging scholars to confidently voice their needs and goals through the three “C’s”: Confidence, Communication, and Connection. With practical strategies and encouragement, they empower scholars to take an active role in their education, fostering a supportive environment for growth and success in Semester 2 and beyond.

Counseling Podcast – January 2024: Heartfelt Connections – Exploring Compassion, Empathy, and the Beauty of DiversityIn January’s Firebird Chat, we will be discussing how our differences are often our strongest connectors. It is through our differences that we can put compassion and empathy into practice.

Compass Podcast – December 2023 – How to Have a Festive Feast: Let’s navigate dynamic personalities this holiday season to help us achieve harmonious collaboration and co-existence with those who differ from us.

Counseling Podcast – November 2023 – Emotional Resilience: Navigating and Managing Challenging Feelings – In this month’s episode of Firebird Chat, Counselors Jacob and Mandi discuss how to navigate and manage challenging feelings in an effort to hone one’s emotional resilience muscle. We define emotional resilience and offer helpful tips on how to begin working on this skill.

Counseling Podcast – October 2023 – Striking a Balance: Exploring  Confidence and its Distinction from Arrogance – October 2023 – This month’s podcast episode discusses the thin line between confidence and arrogance and how both can impact a scholar’s academic performance and social well-being.

Counseling Podcast  – September 2023: Harnessing The Superpower Of Your School CounselorTune in to this month’s podcast episode to learn about all the ways in which you can harness the strengths and “superpowers” of your school counselor. From social and emotional support and resources to course planning to college and career readiness, let’s learn all the ways in which you can use your school counselor to your advantage for scholars in grades 6-12!

Counseling Podcast – April 2023 – What is Emotional Intelligence, and why do our scholars need to develop it and practice it daily? In this month’s Firebird Chat, we go over 5 ways that scholars can work on developing their emotional intelligence.

Counseling Podcast – March 2023 – Let’s Talk!..About Communication: – Join us for a discussion related to the various styles of communication, including non-verbal, love languages, and more.

Counseling Podcast – February 2023 – What. Just. Happened. Time to Reflect! – Padlet: – On today’s podcast, Mr. Samples will go over how to reflect back on Semester 1 in a meaningful and productive way, which allows us all to move forward into Semester 2 with a Growth Mindset and a plan for success.

Counseling Podcast – January 2023 – New Year, New You? – A new year brings new opportunities. Resolutions are made, and expectations are high. Is there something we can do to increase our chances of sticking to our resolutions? Or are we doomed to be old dogs who can’t learn new tricks? Tune in to learn 6 strategies to help you succeed in achieving your resolutions.

Counseling Podcast – December 2022 – Behavioral Activation: Taking control of our environments through deliberate choices and actions to foster a healthier sense of self.

Firebird Chat Podcast – November 2022 –  The ABC’s of an Empowering McKinney-Vento Program: Danielle Gamez, Director of Operations, and Karla Gonzalez, Scholar Community Advocate, delve into the McKinney Vento Program at Compass Charter Schools and the resources for homeless youth. Listen to this important podcast to gain knowledge of assumptions made, building relationships, strength-based approaches, and more!

Counseling Podcast – November 2022 – Positivity, Gratitude, & Mood:  Let’s Explore how we can obtain a long-lasting impact on our community by achieving positivity, gratitude, and increased mood. We will be looking at the research presented in the book, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.

Counseling Podcast  – October 2022 – Grit & Building Resilience: Overcoming those “challenging days” and moments at school and fostering our own resilience and grit.

Counseling Podcast – September 2022 – Starting Strong: Avoid these top 3 mistakes and learn research-backed tips for setting a strong foundation for the year.