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CCS Clubs

CCS Clubs are scholar-driven, guided by an experienced staff member, and meet virtually on a regular basis. The purpose of CCS Clubs is to create a safe scholar-driven community of like-minded individuals to explore a particular topic of focus together, primarily in the online forum. Taking part in organized clubs can not only equip scholars with new physical skills but also gives scholars an opportunity to meet new people and form new friendships, which often leads to an increase in confidence and thus, independence.

Field Trips

Field Trips offer our scholars educational experiences to expand their knowledge of the world around them and discover their passions, within a safe environment where they can explore the real life options available to them. By seeing real-life applications of concepts they study, scholars are more apt to gain a deeper understanding of what they are learning. Whether in person or virtual, CCS Field Trips personally connect scholars with peers and staff within our CCS community.

Enrichment Activities

Virtual Scholar Workshops are offered on a regular basis, focusing on topics of interest to our scholars. Topics include exploration of the arts and sciences, college and career preparation, community service projects, and other special events. We seek to provide enrichment opportunities that expose our scholars to unique experiences that enhance their knowledge, background and encourage them to develop new passions and skills. These activities allow them become explorers and discoverers of the world they live in. Contests are another great way for scholars to virtually participate in enrichment and are offered on a monthly basis.

Award Opportunities

Honor Roll
Scholar of the Month
Firebird of the Year
Core Values (ARTIC) Awards by Semester
Presidential Award for Educational Excellence (Gold Seal) (8th, 12th)
Presidential Award for Educational Achievement (Silver Seal) (8th, 12th)
Perfect Attendance
Samaritan Award
NHS Lifetime Member (12th)
Golden State Seal Merit Diploma (12th)
State Seal of Biliteracy (12th)
Learning Coach Academy Certificates
Learning Coach of the Year

In the Engagement Department, we host many assemblies and events, honoring momentous occasions and celebrations in history.
Here is Avery S., a 7-grade scholar, with his poem: Racism, celebrating Black History Month, February 2022.
By Avery S.

4 centuries of history
For some just misery
For your mission is one some admire
For your message is like a fire
Because of the way it spreads
In the aftermath of this, a child lies dead
For your history runs so deep
Your followers are a heap
for you are like a flower that blooms but never withers
for you are a snake that only slithers
as that flower grows it’s beauty lies
in the eyes of those who seek our demise
Some need an education
Because racism is the face of the nation
I wrote this poem as if racism was a person
I wonder how it is to carry such a burden
Before, they put us in a cage
But now that just fuels our rage
for you are like glass that never shatters
but this is our message…
Black Lives Matter🖤🖤

Scholar Engagement