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Thank you for visiting our Community Providers page. Our Community Providers Team is led by Jeanne Hlebo, our Community Providers Manager, and consists of several other amazing team members. The Community Providers Department supports our Options (Home Study) Learning Program by reviewing, approving, and supporting material and service providers who support our scholars.

This page shares our approved Community Providers list, pre-application form, and a review form of our providers by our learning coaches and staff.

If you have questions for our Community Provider Department, we encourage you to contact us at 855-937-4227.

Community Provider Information

Approved Compass Community Providers List
Curriculum List

Pre-Application for Interested Businesses

Community Providers Review Form (for parents and teachers only)

Community Providers Team

Jeanne Hlebo

Community Providers Manager

Linh Haas

Community Provider Coordinator

Donnell Tyler | CBO

Community Provider Coordinator

Brittany Simi

Community Provider Liaison

Kimberly Constanza

Community Provider Liaison

Karina Barbosa

Community Provider Liaison