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Compass Charter Schools is one of California’s leading WASC-accredited virtual charter schools of choice.

Who We Are

Compass exceeds expectations for how education can be taught through personalized virtual learning. Forming deep partnerships with supervising teachers, scholars, and families, Compass responds to each scholar’s unique needs, dreams, and background while preparing them to successfully pursue their goals after graduation.

What We Believe

We believe every scholar, family, and staff member is an important educational partner and is welcomed, appreciated, and heard as part of charting their course through Compass.

What We Do

  • We intentionally match scholars and families with virtual, at-home, and in-person learning programs that support their lifestyle and vision for success
  • We provide coordinated academic, social emotional, and college & career readiness support
  • We hire passionate and knowledgeable staff, inspire collaboration, and encourage professional learning
  • We continuously improve our personalized learning models and influence a more individualized approach to learning throughout the education sector

How We Do It

  • By acknowledging scholars’ lived realities to appropriately engage, challenge, and prepare them to lead fulfilling lives
  • By coaching families through their challenges and goals and offer trainings on personalized education
  • By connecting and equipping counselors, educators, and families to thoroughly understand scholars’ needs and deliver individualized supports
  • By investing in resources to support professional growth and building trust among staff
  • By monitoring new trends, capturing best practices across Compass programs, and creating opportunities to share knowledge back to the field

Our Impact

We support and celebrate many paths to personal fulfillment. Upon graduation, scholars have the foundational knowledge, motivation, and abilities to successfully progress to the next stage of their journey – be that through entry into a career, additional training and service, entrepreneurship, or further education at a college or university. Graduates and their families are proud of their achievements and recognize the positive impact the Compass community had on their confidence, sense of pride, and self-awareness.

Long term, Compass alumni are independent thinkers with the capability to forge their own path. They understand what’s essential to their continued personal growth and possess the skills and values to not only become, but maintain being productive, contributing members of their communities.