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By June 8, 2022 Blog

Compass Charter Schools’ Online Learning Program (Compass Online) celebrates over ten years of virtual education this year. This is no small feat and well worth celebrating. While we continue to grow and graduate scholars from our Los Angeles, San Diego, and Yolo public charter schools, through our rigorous Online Learning Program, myths about online learning continue. This doesn’t ruffle our Firebird feathers, though, because we see constant reminders in awards and recognition, and from our very own soaring scholars, like Avery Stansbury.

Avery Stansbury is one of our 8-grade scholars. He is in the Scholar Leadership Council, a reporter on The Firebird Report, and a member of many scholar-led clubs. In this video testimonial of Avery, he explains how the Compass Online Learning Program makes everyone feel like they belong. We cannot help but be proud of our tuition-free public school’s  Online Learning Program, teachers and staff, learning coaches, and scholars. Avery is one of many, who reminds us that it’s important to debunk these myths, so more scholars can Rise and Soar with us as Firebirds! Read what Avery has to say that busts so many common myths: 

Myth: Online Scholars Are Left Alone

It’s a lot to take in when you first join [online learning], and they just kind of ease you into it…

they make you feel like it’s a second home.

If others are thinking about coming, I’ll say, ‘Just do it because you’ll have a lot of fun, and you’ll make a lot of friends, and you’ll belong.’ There. That’s one of the great things about Compass is they make you feel like you belong with them.” 

Myth busted!

Compass Online Learning Program 8-grade scholar, Avery Stansbury, looking professional, confident, happy and ready for high school.

Avery Stansbury

Myth: Online Scholars Don’t Know Their Teachers

“The teachers are great, the curriculum is awesome, and just the school itself just has a lot of great aspects.”

They always try and make sure to give equal amounts of attention to everybody, so it doesn’t look like they’re playing favorites.” 

“That’s another thing I like about the teachers is that they treat everybody equally. They treat everybody the same. They treat everybody like a family.

Myth busted!

Myth: Online Scholars Don’t Socialize With Other Scholars

“I feel like one of the best things about me being with Compass is the fact that it engages me in so much stuff. They just have all these different clubs, and you can start your own club. They give you opportunities to be who you want to be.

I’m part of the Scholar Leadership Council. I’ve been part of that for four years.

I really enjoy science and music and all that stuff, so it was so much fun that I found out they had a music club and performing arts club. They have a Minecraft club which is also awesome. And they have a STEM and a STEAM club, actually, which is also fun because they have extracurricular activities. I can build robots, and I can code them, and I can control them… I have a lot of stuff that I got from those clubs.” 

Myth busted!

Compass Online Learning Program 8-grade scholar Avery Stansbury, reports The Firebird Report’s breaking news on YouTube with a big smile.

Avery hosts the Firebird Report

Myth: Online Scholars Lack Motivation

Because you can be president, vice president [of a club], it gives you a real sense of responsibility, and because now that I’m in my last year middle school, you know 8-grade, I just know that once I get to high school, I’ll be able to explore more of what Compass has in store.

Compass really gives us a sense of independence and opportunities- they really do, and try to find the best thing for the scholars.

It’s just been a lot of fun to be part of the school.

I really appreciate the opportunities that Compass has given me, and I’m really excited to start the new school year.”

Myth busted!

Thank you, Avery! We are thankful for you, for helping us bust these myths about online education and online learning. We wish you the best as you finish the school year strong and are excited to celebrate your 8-Grade Promotion next week! Avery heads to our online high school next year and is excited to explore college courses and many more clubs, including the Virtual Field Trips Club. He loves the responsibility he feels in the clubs and serving as president or vice president. He also enjoys performance and music and looks forward to working on his music-writing skills with hopes that one day he will attend the UCLA music program, “That is my grandfather’s alma mater,“ Avery said.

I’ve had one goal since a very young age, I’ve always liked music, and I’ve played the piano for almost ten years. I’ve always wanted to be a musician, a recording artist,” said Avery. “I can read music and want to write my own music. I want to have that be my expertise.”

What a go-getter! Thanks again for sharing your incredible experience with the Compass Online Learning Program. We are so proud of you and believe in you!

Are there any other myths we can bust for you? There are many reasons to consider the Compass Online Learning Program and our Gold Standard in Virtual Education. We envision a collaborative virtual learning community, inspiring scholars to appreciate the ways in which arts and sciences nurture a curiosity for life-long learning and preparing scholars to take responsibility for their future success. Our scholars prove to us that our vision is reality. Would you like to experience the excellence we offer online scholars? We invite you to join our Firebirds – Enroll today!

About Compass 

Compass Charter Schools’ Online Learning Program (Compass Online) celebrates 10 years as the Gold Standard in Virtual Education. Serving thousands of online scholars throughout California, we support each K-12 scholar and learning coach with in-house counselors, talented accredited teachers, and a staff of excellence. As the only Purple Star School in California and one of the few online AVID programs in the nation, Compass Online is beyond unique and impressive. Rise and Soar with our Firebirds – Enroll today!

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