Scholar Leadership Council

The Scholar Leadership Council serves to provide scholar feedback on school policies and procedures at Compass Charter Schools to ensure that they are consistent with its Mission, Vision, and Values.

Members act as a committed group of advisors to the staff and administration, regarding issues that affect their peer scholars at CCS. They provide feedback and insight from the scholar’s perspective on school process, policies and initiatives to ensure that the needs of scholars are included as decisions are made. They also serve as an advisory, not a decision-making body, that makes recommendations, encourages brainstorming and provides opportunities for scholar involvement on committees.

Meet Our Council

Elizabeth Christopher | Member

I am a 12th grade scholar with Compass Charter Schools and have been with the CCS family since 6th grade. When I’m not doing school, I love watching baseball, listening to music, baking, writing, playing video games, and spending time with my family & my cat Midna. I also enjoy spending time with my teachers and peers in Learning Labs, and meeting up with them on field trips. As a member of the Scholar Leadership Council, I hope to make CCS a better learning environment for all scholars and help make CCS the best school it could possibly be.

KristiLynn Effie | Member

I have been with Compass Charter Schools since 2014 and this is my third year on the Student Leadership Council. I have a 4.0 GPA and am in the National Honors Society. As being part of the SLC, I want to be a voice for other scholars in representing CCS by giving ideas and feedback. I enjoy working on my schoolwork online, specifically English and Science, which fascinates me. I strive to exceed and to be the best version of myself possible. Outside of my studies, I’m from sunny San Diego and have been acting for nine years. I volunteer at my local library where I tutor students on various subjects. I love giving back to my community because I’m thankful for all it has given me.

Michael “Mick” Effie, Jr. | Member

I’m an 11th grade scholar, having been with Compass Charter Schools since 2014. I love learning; I’m fascinated by our world and the way it works, and CCS has given me the ability to fuel my curiosity & understanding. Alongside the Scholar Leadership Council, I’m also a member of the National Honor Society. When not homeschooling, I volunteer weekly within my community, or engage in my hobbies of reading, watching movies, and cycling. I’m also a professional actor and model, having worked in films, television, commercials, theater, and print. Through my participation in the Scholar Leadership Council, I’d like to think that I help CCS be the best possible school it can be.

Alexis Gordon | Member

I have been an online learner going on eight years, the past five years with CCS. This is also my second year with the Student Leadership Council. I strongly believe that we, the scholars, should advise and contribute to our learning environment to help shape CCS into the best school it can possibly be.

Lyric Hearne-Hooker | Member

Hi, I’m Lyric.  I’m a 9th grader.  I started with Compass when I was in 5th grade and have proudly been here the past five years. A major highlight for me was attending the 8th grade Graduation Ceremony in Long Beach.

Compass clubs that I enjoy are Cooking, Dance, Photo and Virtual Field Trips. This will be my first year in Student Council.  In my spare time, I volunteer with the Teen Center in West Hollywood. It is run by the Sheriff’s Dept. of WEHO and through them, I have also attended Camp Courage for the past two years.  This will be my third year volunteering and I have earned awards for the many hours that I have served my community.

I’m also a part of many fandoms, mainly Star Wars and Harry Potter (proud Hufflepuff!).  The Wizarding World is my second home and I am a certified Magizoologist. I work on my Etsy shop as a way to save for college.

As a member of the SC, I hope to learn and grow in a leadership position, and to improve my social skills by enthusiastically representing and giving back to my school.  Personally, I celebrate diversity and would love to help my peers create a wonderful student body experience for everyone at Compass.  My dream is to succeed in the Library/Information Science field and travel all over the world.

Aure Ruediger | Member

Compass has been my school since kindergarten, and it’s wonderful being a Firebird (that’s our school mascot).  There are many exciting things I get to do at Compass.  For instance, I am in the Arts+Crafts Club, Chess Club, Cooking Club, Creative Writing Club, Lego Club, Minecraft Club, Photo Club, Sewing Club, and Virtual Field Trips Club.  Outside of school, I enjoy growing guppies and bettas.  I also like to ice skate.  When I’m a grown-up, I’d like to have a science degree like my Mom or an engineering degree like my Dad.

Cricht Ruediger | Member

I’ve been here at Compass since kindergarten.  I like that I have sweet and helpful teachers here at my school.  It’s epic how we attend class remotely, with all my teachers and schoolmates living all over California!  My hobbies include baking, creating art, fishkeeping, gardening, and playing video games.  Because both of my Grandfathers owned businesses of their own, I hope to be in good business, too.

Avery Stansbury | Member

Avery is a 4th grade scholar at Compass Charter Schools.  He has been part of the CCS family for three years.  When he is not in learning labs and completing school work, he enjoys playing the piano, reading, and is determined to be a youtuber.  Avery is part of the SLC because he wants to represent his peers at Compass, help make the school a better place, and learn new leadership skills.

Kate Vreeman | Member

I am Kate, a seventh-grade Options Scholar, and I love being a part of Compass!  I have been homeschooling for seven years and I love to read, write, color, and go Jeeping. When I am not doing school, I am usually practicing my viola, playing volleyball, or going cycling. I hope to be very involved here at CCS, help my fellow peers, and support Compass any way I can.

Airia Yeung | Member

Hello, my name is Airis and I am in 9th grade.  I have been with CCS since first grade and have loved every year!  Being at CCS has allowed me to do and try EVERYTHING, from playing the violin, piano, and cello to acting to travelling for field trips throughout California, and so much more!   I would like to be on the Scholar Leadership Council because CCS has taught me that working together and helping each other makes for a better world/school and it would be an honor to be a part of that.

If you are interested in serving on the Scholar Leadership Council, please contact J.J. Lewis, Superintendent & CEO, to learn how to get involved.