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Hear from our scholars about their Compass Experience:

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            Thank you for visiting our Operations page. Our Operations Team is led by Ms. Lisa Fishman, Chief Operations Officer. Operations covers community providers, finance, and IT, supported by our leadership team.

            This page shares our operating budget, financial reports, annual audits, attendance reports, and providers information for our Options (Home Study) Learning Program.

            If you have questions about our Operations Division, we encourage you to contact us at 855-937-4227.

            Financial Reports

            Attendance Reports

            2022-23 Principal Apportionment Attendance Reports
            CCS of Los Angeles   P1    P2    PA
            CCS of San Diego      P1    P2    PA
            CCS of Yolo                 P1    P2    PA

            2021-22 Principal Apportionment Attendance Reports
            CCS of Los Angeles P1    P2    PA
            CCS of San Diego     
            P1    P2    PA
            CCS of Yolo                 P1    P2    PA

            Community Provider Information

            Approved Compass Community Providers List
            Curriculum List

            Pre-Application for Interested Businesses

            Community Providers Review Form (for Teachers & LC’s only)

            Operations Leadership Team

            Lisa Fishman | CBO, PHR

            Chief Operations Officer

            Melissa Alcaraz | CBO

            Finance Coordinator

            Krisha Moeller

            Director of IT

            Danielle Gamez | Ed.D.

            Director of Operations

            Jeanne Hlebo

            Community Providers Manager

            Nicole Sendejaz

            Office Manager