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Online Program

Our Online programs utilize a number of curriculum partners and tools which provide rigorous instruction for scholars in an online environment.

Parents should be committed to spending adequate time daily, supporting their child’s education:
Grades K-5 – expect to spend 3-4 hours per day
Grades 6-8 – expect to spend 2-3 hours less, as the scholar becomes more independent
Grades 9-12 – expect to check scholar’s work on a daily basis.

Our scholars work independently on highly engaging material while also receiving support through our online classrooms with their credentialed teachers and support from home. Our graduates leave inspired to appreciate the ways in which arts and sciences nurture a curiosity for life-long learning, and are prepared to take responsibility for their future success.

Elementary School (Grades K-5): Compass Charter School’s Online Elementary School is designed to provide a solid foundation to help scholars develop into curious and active learners. While building a solid foundation in Reading and Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, scholars are further engaged in learning through live teacher-hosted, web-based classroom instruction called Learning Lab, where parents are encouraged to attend. Teachers also hold weekly office hours and are available to meet with scholars and learning coaches when necessary. This type of individualized assistance is what sets Compass Charter School apart from other online programs.

CCS has always offered the K12 curriculum for our elementary scholars. Now, CCS will be offering more curriculum options for scholars and families to choose from. Scholars will have the opportunity to continue with the current K12 option or select from i-Ready, MaxScholar or TenMarks. Parents, known as Learning Coaches, and scholars will work with their teachers to select their curriculum partner for the school year. Our online curriculum fosters and develops a love of learning by providing an engaging common core, standards-based curriculum with real world connections and is flexible enough to fit all schedules. This rigorous education provides a wide variety of content regardless of ability level and strives to ready scholars for a successful middle school experience in 6th-8th grade.

All of our K-5 unit lessons are followed by assessments, ensuring that each child has mastered a particular area before moving on. The assessments are integrated with the planning and progress tools, making it easy to find the right pace by subject and to stay on track. This unique, individualized approach allows each scholar to go as fast or slow as needed as long as they follow the pacing guides, keep track of due dates, and follow instructions provided by their teachers.

Middle School (Grades 6-8): For middle school scholars, this is a time of substantial growth, both personally and academically. Compass Charter Schools immerses the middle school scholar in rigorous and engaging curriculum but with the support of credentialed teachers who provide virtual classroom situations so scholars interact with teachers and other scholars. The StrongMind Learning Management System (LMS) is a highly intuitive virtual classroom, engineered specifically for the adolescent learner. It maximizes efficiency while personalizing the learning experience with a robust assortment of tools and features. In conjunction with the immersive curriculum, the LMS fosters continuous communication and individualized support between the scholar and teacher. Compass Charter School’s middle school scholars are also encouraged to further develop their independence and responsibility by participating in, and potentially leading, clubs and field trips. View our Middle School Course Catalog.

High School: High School scholars enter high school as kids and leave as young adults. As with our middle school online program, Compass Charter School’s Online high school program allows scholars the flexibility of learning from home with the use of StrongMind’s LMS system. Scholars regularly participate in teacher-led virtual classes where they receive synchronous direct instruction in their core academic classes. Our teachers also host office hours in which scholars can obtain live support on classwork. High school scholars are offered a variety of online courses from which to choose. Due to this diverse range of options, scholars benefit from being assigned a school counselor who will assist them in creating an individualized, four-year high school plan specific to their goals. This ensures they graduate in four years and are ready for college and/or career. Do keep in mind that elective course availability will be dependent on enrollment size. View our High School Course Catalog.