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Young athletes often spend many hours honing their skills that in turn improve their game.

When these young athletes begin training seriously for competitions, families find it difficult to help their children balance their time and efforts toward academic goals if they are in a traditional classroom setting. Young athletes feel the pressure that many of their peers do to complete their school work; however, they feel it exponentially greater due to the limited time they have to complete all their work while maintaining their athletic schedule.

The typical schedule of an athlete can be hectic (even for an adult). Imagine trying to leave the house early in the morning to practice, go to school, participate in extracurricular activities, complete homework, study, and spend time with family each day. Families of scholars who are busy athletes need a more flexible educational situation that allows them choices that support both academic and athletic potential.

The dedicated staff of Compass Charter Schools (Compass) is sensitive to the needs of aspiring young athletes. We understand their desire for flexibility and a quality personalized learning experience and are proud to offer our Compass Experience to meet their unique needs. Our Online and Options home study Programs provide the flexibility families desire while maintaining the academic consistency they need. In addition, our counseling team is available to help provide even more support to help the scholar succeed. Compass also offers various field trips, enrichment activities, and clubs for scholars that seek additional enrichment experience.

Our Online Program offers a virtual education with caring, dedicated teachers who provide weekly live online classes. In addition, teachers offer a weekly Q&A session to offer added support when scholars need more help with their work. High school courses provide subject-specific credentialed teachers just as you would find in a brick-and-mortar school. Our teachers truly want to see each scholar succeed.

Our Options Program (Home Study) is for the parent looking to be the primary instructor for the scholar. We provide instructional funds, school support staff, and a team of supervising teachers (STs) ready to provide academic guidance, support, and encouragement as scholars experience school at home. Compass provides families with educational funds for scholars in grades TK-12. These allocated funds are for use with our approved vendors. Our team of STs support and guide the scholar and learning coach/parent as they partner with families on the scholar’s educational journey.

Compass Charter Schools is proud to be able to support young athletes as they work hard to balance their sports and educational careers. Reach out to our Enrollment Team to learn more about Compass. We look forward to welcoming you to the Compass family and being part of your educational journey!

Two homeschooled boys from Compass Charter Schools on skateboards doing an ollie