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By July 27, 2022 Blog

Burnout. Prolonged exhaustion and stress. It wears down any and everyone, especially teachers and learning coaches (our beloved name for parents, caregivers, and guardians). To prevent burnout, Compass Charter Schools’ Online Learning Program (Compass Online) offers wellness programs and weekly check-ins. We want everyone passionate about our scholar’s well-being to get the care they need, too.  

Compass Online is a free public charter school for grades K-12 in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Yolo counties, serving scholars who reside in 18 counties in northern and southern California. While teacher burnout is researched and referenced more in brick-and-mortar schools, we believe that mental health and wellness are just as important for teachers and learning coaches involved in online learning programs

What Causes Burnout?

Caring people who practice taking care of others before they take care of themselves are most susceptible to the dangers of burnout. Scholars can feel the ramifications of overly stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted adults, and that negatively impacts academic success. At Compass Online, we understand this as part of our Gold Standard of Virtual Education – the success of our scholars is of paramount importance. We stand united in our efforts to operate schools that model strong integrity and value, knowing full well that every scholar looks up to us as models for positive action and behavior.

What is the Solution?

When teachers and learning coaches feel supported in self care and wellness routines for ongoing health and love for education, our scholars thrive. Engaged, positive, energizing educators deliver lessons in a more digestible and memorable way. When our online scholars connect positive emotions with their learning experiences, their brains process and retain information more successfully. Knowing this, we take every opportunity to care for and support our scholars through our care and support of our talented teachers and learning coaches.

Care & Support

Part of our support for our teachers and families is partnering with Wellness for Educators

“a 501(c)3 nonprofit led by an amazing team of educators, licensed mental health professionals, and certified somatic (mind-body) facilitators working together to support educators with research-based, trauma- and equity-informed, somatic (mind-body) education, practices, and strategies for mental, physical, social, and emotional health and wellbeing.” 

Our very own J.J. Lewis is the treasurer of this incredible organization.

Compass Online Charter School’s Superintendent, J.J. Lewis smiles and waves in front of the Compass flag, eager to support everyone.

J.J. Lewis, Superintendent & CEO

Throughout the school year, teachers and learning coaches are invited to free wellness workshops to help with emotional, physical, and mental health. Workshops may include learning sessions about family anxiety with coaching and guidance targeted to specific grades of scholars. Others may be relaxing yoga and meditation sessions or self-healing writing workshops. Every workshop is available live and recorded for review.

Connection is important for our learning coaches. We want to ensure they never feel alone or unsupported in their scholar’s learning journey. One of the flagship programs we offer is our Learning Coach Academy, led by our Orientation Coordinator, Ashley Daugherty. Every session starts with a reminder of the Compass Online Mission, Vision, and Values, and session topics include tech tips and growth mindset practices. 

Our mission is to inspire and develop innovative, creative, self-directed learners, one scholar at a time. We believe providing wellness support for our teachers and learning coaches helps us carry out this mission in a healthy, responsible way. 

Are you looking to feel more included in your scholar’s education?  Excited about high-quality learning coach and educator support, in addition to our Gold Standard of Virtual Education? We invite you to our tuition-free public school for scholars K-12. It’s not too late to choose the right school for your scholar’s needs (and yours). Rise like a Firebird with us. Enroll today!

About Compass 

Compass Charter Schools’ Online Learning Program (Compass Online) is celebrating 10 years as the Gold Standard in Virtual Education. Serving thousands of online scholars throughout California, we support each K-12 scholar and learning coach with in-house counselors, talented accredited teachers, and a staff of excellence. As the only Purple Star School in California, and one of the few online AVID programs in the nation, Compass Online is beyond unique and impressive. Rise and Soar with our Firebirds – enroll with Compass Online today!

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