Mental Health Matters

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Mental Health Matters

At Compass Online, we care deeply about the mental health of our K-12 scholars. We intentionally keep our scholar-to-counselor ratios low, so that every scholar can access support, advice, and true connection with a trained professional – if, when, and as needed. Who better to explain the importance of counseling services than our talented, caring Counseling Services team? Read on to hear directly from our very own school counselors, Director of Counseling Services, and a grateful alumni, regarding these critical roles at our tuition-free public school serving Los Angeles, San Diego, Yolo, and their adjacent counties.

Meet the Compass Online Charter Schools Counseling Services Team, including Debra Stephan, Director of Counseling Services.

The Compass Online Charter Schools Counseling Services Team

Compass Counselors Know Scholars By Name

The number of scholars we have direct, meaningful communication with here at Compass Online, on a weekly basis, far surpasses that of my prior experience,” said Jacob Samples, counselor.

1. Our counselors know your scholars by name.

I love that Compass provides an individualized learning environment to meet the unique needs of every scholar,” said Mataya Olson, college & career readiness counselor. “Each day, I get the opportunity to get to know our scholars on an individual basis and provide individualized support.”

The counselors at Compass Online take a detailed, intentional approach with all of their scholars,” said Mandi Schwartzberg, counselor.

It’s this dedication and passion our counselors bring to the Compass Online Learning Program that truly helps our scholars soar.

2. Our scholars feel connected to and motivated by our counselors. 

Mandi was kind, patient, and understanding and worked with us on how we were going to face the situation,” said alumni Freddie Rosen, a 2020 graduate. “I had hardly ever experienced that in a school before. She was my number one motivator, when I couldn’t be. If it weren’t for Mandi, I truly do believe that I would have had to repeat a grade or two.” 

We’re confident that more of our alumni have similar experiences attributing their academic success and newfound confidence to their school counselors at Compass Online, given the unique challenges the pandemic brought to families.

Now More Than Ever

3.Mental health for K-12 public school scholars is more important than ever. 

Mandi explained the importance of understanding how mental health affects learning and growth. “Our emotional climate truly drives our experiences. A public school is a true melting pot of scholars- many cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and even traumas.” 

Mental health is a crucial aspect in the success of our scholars, now and in their future,” Mataya agrees. “Much has changed since the start of the pandemic. I believe this has only strengthened the importance of mental health in how we all manage stress and make choices.” 

These are interesting times to be a scholar, explains Jacob. “Our scholars’ brains are on overload, all while still trying to develop, which causes a lot of anxiety. If these mental health challenges aren’t being addressed, it can be a huge barrier to their learning and growth in the school setting. 

Michelle Bateman, counselor, sees the ongoing benefits of effective school counseling beyond the classroom. “Mental health impacts all members of our society. Supporting mental health through prevention, education, and intervention within public schools has been shown to be beneficial for academic, social and emotional wellbeing for youth and into their adulthood.”

Leading The Way

4. Virtual learning is the way of the future. The more we embrace and excel in online education and online mental health support, the more prepared we are for the many possible life experiences ahead.

Jacob shared his passion for his school counselor career within the innovative Compass Online Learning Program. “I firmly believe that our school counseling program model will become the standard-bearer for many charter schools moving forward,” said Jason, “and I have pride in being a part of its development and implementation.”

This pride is shared by Michelle. “I work with Compass because we continuously strive to be leaders in education and comprehensive virtual counseling services. Compass provides scholars the flexibility to make school work for them rather than working for school.”

A benefit to online counseling is that meetings are often distraction free,” said Mataya.

Mandi sees the convenience factor of embracing today’s technology. “We have Zoom, Google Hangouts, and more as options for connecting,” she said. “We can schedule appointments in a strategic way to make sure that a scholar and their family has the attention and time that they require and need, at the most convenient time for them.”

We’re In This Together

Mataya sums it up nicely. “An important aspect of school counseling is to be an advocate for ALL scholars. This team collaboratively works together to combine our knowledge, training, and strengths to ensure that we are able to best support the unique needs of each scholar here at Compass Online.” 

Experience our innovative care and dynamic, personalized support from the entire Compass Online family. Join us today.


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