Compass Charter Schools of Yolo is Granted Initial Accreditation Status by WASC

By May 7, 2020 News


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Compass Charter Schools of Yolo is Granted Initial Accreditation Status by WASC

Thousand Oaks, Ca. – Compass Charter Schools is granted Initial Accreditation Status through June 30, 2023, by the Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS) Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for its CCS of Yolo charter. The Commission will ratify this action at the Summer 2020 Commission Meeting. 

“We are honored to receive Initial Accreditation Status by ASC WASC for our newest charter, CCS of Yolo,” stated J.J. Lewis, CCS CEO & Superintendent. “It is a testament to the hard work and commitment by the entire CCS staff to provide a quality, world-class, virtual educational experience for all our K-12 scholars at CCS of Yolo.”

The Commission determined that CCS of Yolo meets the ACS WASC criteria for accreditation based on all the information provided by CCS, including the initial visit report, and the satisfactory completion of the on-site initial accreditation visit.

Accreditation status is conditioned upon CCS of Yolo’s adherence with the ACS WASC policies, procedures, and criteria for accreditation, including notifying ACS WASC of any changes which might be substantive in nature with an explanation of the change and the anticipated effect on the educational program.

The approval of initial accreditation entitles CCS to use the phrase “Fully Accredited by (or) Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges” for the Yolo K-12 schools, and “Fully Accredited for Grades 9-12 at the Yolo school.”  It also enables CCS to seek approval for A-G classes, a requirement for students seeking admission into UC schools.

Transcripts of students who are graduating or transferring from CCS in grades covered by the accreditation may be stamped or embossed “Accredited” with the ACS WASC accredited seal.

About Compass Charter Schools  

Compass Charter Schools (CCS) is a WASC-accredited virtual personalized learning public charter school serving thousands of scholars throughout the state. Catering to TK-12 grade scholars, CCS offers two personalized learning programs. CCS is committed to creating a collaborative virtual learning community, inspiring scholars to appreciate the ways in which arts and sciences nurture a curiosity for lifelong learning and preparing scholars to take responsibility for their future successes.

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