5 Easy Screen-Time Tips for Scholars

By January 23, 2019 Blog

We live in a time where technology is thriving. At any given time, there is likely a smartphone, computer, television, or even a watch within arms reach, begging us to pick up and start scrolling. Within seconds, we can conveniently have access to anything we need without ever having to leave the house. This convenience doesn’t come without a price, though, especially for our scholars.

Research shows that 38% of childen under the age of 2 have used a mobile device for media. That means that children, even before they can talk, are exposed to a digital world and are vulnerable to smartphone “addiction”. This addiction can lead to lack of sleep, exercise, and avoidance of personal interaction. It is important to address how to monitor screen time in a way that works for you.

To get started, here are five easy tips to monitor screen-time for scholars :

Choose the good stuff (but not too much)
Technology can be our friend if we allow it to be! Instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, try downloading educational apps to explore! There are plenty of great resources that can enhance your scholar’s learning outside of their assigned work. Need a break from learning? Try games that have creativity and skill hidden within them, like Hangman or ThinkerToy!

Don’t use screens right before bed

Screen time before bed is stimulating, making it harder to fall asleep. A lack of sleep can have negative effects on your scholar throughout the school day, including an inability to concentrate, fatigue, or lack of interest. Trade screen time before bed for a book! Reading is something you can do to wind down together. Be sure to remove any electronic devices from the bedroom to avoid the urge to scroll!

Turn off the TV if no one is watching it

Television makes for great background noise, right? Maybe so, however, television may serve as a distraction that eventually calls for you to stop anything of importance and to sit down and start watching! Even if you’re just listening, you or your scholar are more likely to pay attention to what’s on the screen rather than the task at hand. Try music instead! Listening to your favorite artist or genre can increase concentration and productivity!

Make time for reading and enjoying media together

Everyone wins! Spend time with your scholar by having them pick a book that you can both read together. Read to them or have them practice reading to you! 

Practice what you preach: your kids are watching you!

The best thing you can do is to set the example! Your scholar is watching your habits and is likely to follow. Leave your phone behind, turn the television off, and get outside with your scholar!

When used in manageable ways, technology can be such a great tool for us to enhance our abilities. As a resource available to us at all times, we must draw boundaries between leisure and necessity, and whenever possible, get out to see all that the world has to offer off screen!



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