We Honor the Quewon Family for Month of the Military Child!

By April 23, 2024 April 26th, 2024 Blog

Meet the Quewon Family! 

Akarie Quewon, a Mother and Learning Coach, her son Allantae, a 7th-grade Options Program scholar, and her daughter Ze’adora Brown, who has recently enlisted in the military, share their story about being a military family.

How long have you been at Compass Charter Schools?

I have been at Compass Charter Schools for two and a half years. 

What is it like being a member of a military family or child?

Years ago, when Mom was on active duty, I stayed home with my older siblings, but when I go with Mom, I get to go to the base library or the park and help Mom pack deployment supplies like camel packs and gear. When mom is going to be staying at her job for a while, she gives me her credit card to buy some snacks. Also, I have traveled to many military bases with Mom, and my favorite is Travis Air Force Base. I have been to many different states and countries. My Mom has been in the Air Force for 15 years, and my time with her is amazing. I’ve gotten to see and learn many new things about the military, military history, and Air Force bases.

How does Compass help your scholars with their educational goals? 

Compass Charter Schools has helped with my scholar’s educational goals by ensuring my family has excellent support and a wide range of resources available to allow us. I especially appreciate that in the Options Program, as a parent, I get to help tailor and create a uniquely designed learning experience that is the best education for my scholar’s needs. We have a fantastic supervising teacher, excellent curriculum options that work great for my scholar’s learning style, and we join fun extracurricular activities (field trips, clubs, music/piano lessons, and the opportunity to take a surfing lesson from my scholar’s supervising teacher). 

The periodic connection meetings are also very helpful in providing meeting space during the school year for the supervising teacher and scholar to interact and share ideas to enhance learning. Also, the testing sessions for Star and CAASPP and the feedback on scholar work samples aid significantly in measuring my scholar’s progress and keeping on track with (or often exceeding) grade-level learning standards. Since we’ve been with Compass, it has been a wonderful educational journey! 


What does your family like to do for fun? 

My family likes to travel and visit military bases to look around sometimes. If Mom has to do something for the military, my youngest sisters and I like to stay at our hotel or base lodgings to play and walk around the military base. We like to watch movies and go to amusement parks. Some of my family, including myself, likes to try different foods from different states or countries. My favorite was the Greek euro. Traveling is a hobby my family loves. 

How do you celebrate Month of the Military Child? 

We celebrate Month of the Military Child by honoring how the military provides more opportunities to travel to and stay at military bases that most people can’t freely access

For families interested in learning more about our military-focused support at Compass, please contact Karla Gonzalez, our Scholar Community Advocate, at kgonzalez@compasscharters.org. 

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