Think online courses are boring text and PowerPoints? We may just surprise you.

By January 9, 2019 Blog

It happens.

You look over at your child and guess what he’s doing?

Yep, on the phone. When he is supposed to be doing something else much more important, we’re sure.

Engaging a teen in today’s world when there are so many other ways to be entertained is no easy task.

And then when you are supposed to help them focus on something that’s not usually well-loved—like, say, homework—your job becomes particularly difficult.

Should we really blame the child, though, when the curriculum is outdated or filled with text-heavy PDFs? Really, that’s not an issue of an ‘attention-spanless’ generation, that’s simply boring. Period.

Whether it’s online, homeschool or a blended education, scholars can receive an engaging curriculum.

That’s why we’ve vetted thoroughly to find the best curriculum offerings.

Among our curriculum offerings is StrongMind. Available to our 6–12th grade scholars, here’s what you can expect.

And award-winning curriculum that's designed for digital natives

As the parent, you know all too well that scholars are not going to spend the necessary time in their studies if they’re not enjoying it.

That’s why we provide a curriculum that’s been newly re-designed for today’s learners. Courses are not just aligned and A–G approved, they’re actually backward designed.

In other words, the curriculum developers (who are former educators themselves) didn’t just edit some content to so it passes the standards test. They actually scrapped everything, looked at the standards first, and developed new content around it.

More importantly, courses are packed with award-winning multimedia.

There are animated videos, real-life videos, graphic novels and interactive content throughout to help the scholars grasp concepts in a way they’ll actually enjoy.

This method of engaging the learner with interactive multimedia courses is proven. In fact, a recent study from StrongMind is showing percentage increases in grades among students using this curriculum.

How we teach core subjects

Watch a few of the videos below to see how your scholar will learn with Compass.

The Flipped Classroom method and how it provides personalized support

It’s kind of a funny term. But essentially, flipped classroom means working the opposite way of a traditional class.

In the brick-and-mortar traditional setting, a teacher usually presents the topic in class, then assigns homework.

Our scholars start with the homework first. Here’s why:

When scholars log in, read material and watch videos, it helps them start to understand concepts. Then they go through workbooks, aka homework.

Our system gathers data from the workbooks and sends it to the teacher. The teacher then analyzes and determines strengths and weak spots where their scholars need extra help.

That way, once it’s time for the instructors to teach, they don’t go in blind. They know exactly what areas to focus on because they’re better equipped with data.

About that personalized support...

Every teacher at Compass is highly qualified and state certified. They are solely dedicated to helping our scholars succeed. Teachers are available via emails, messages and live online sessions to answer questions individually on homework.

Whether it’s an elective course or a more complex course like math, the added personalized support is the same.

Welcome to the 21st Century, education. We’ve missed you.

Check out a few of our educational videos to sample some of our curriculum.

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