LOUD AND PROUD of our 2021-22 Compass Graduates!

By June 22, 2022 Blog

Congratulations, Compass Charter Schools Graduates!

CCS of Los Angeles 12-Grade Graduates

It has been an incredible year at Compass, and it was so exciting to celebrate our incredible scholars at our 8-grade Promotion and Graduation ceremonies this past week! It was an honor to celebrate this milestone with our scholars and their families! Compass Charter Schools of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Yolo promotion and graduation ceremonies were in-person this year and live-streamed. We had 127 graduating seniors and 224 promoting 8-graders this year! We celebrated our San Diego 12-graders and 8-graders on Tuesday, June 14, followed by our Los Angeles 12 and 8-graders on Tuesday, June 12, and concluded with our Yolo 12 and 8-graders on Wednesday, June 13. 

CCS of San Diego 8-Grade Promotion Ceremony

We also celebrated our Kindergarteners and 5-graders on June 10. J.J. Lewis, our Superintendent & CEO, hosted the ceremonies and acknowledged our promoting scholars. In addition, we welcomed authors and guest speakers to each event. Barbara Jean Hicks, a children’s book author, spoke at our Kindergarten Celebration, and Trudy Ludwig, an author, spoke at our 5-Grade Culmination. 

“Our celebrations were full of smiles, encouragement, reflection, and celebration, shares Rebecca MacAlpine, Director of Engagement. “We are so proud of all our scholars have accomplished this year and loved the opportunity to be loud and proud about all their achievements during our scholar celebration season! Congratulations to all our scholars for their achievements and successes this school year!

Attending the San Diego graduation and eighth-grade promotion ceremonies last week was the highlight of this year! There was so much to celebrate not only with my personal scholars but with Compass families at large. It was amazing to be in person with the Vivian family; three scholars in one! Eric graduated last year and just successfully finished his first year of college (and carried 25 units this semester!) Sisters Alexys and Sharon each got to walk for their graduation/promotion this year. Getting to meet Gianfranco in person finally was amazing. This scholar has overcome so many challenges and has met them all with strength and determination. I am so proud of each of these scholars!!” -Jeanne Richardson, Supervising Teacher


“Rebecca McAlpine and Danielle DelNegro truly outdid themselves! The Los Angeles graduation was so special! It felt intimate and scholar/family-focused and the whole venue was beautiful and just right for that “Compass Family” feel. Thank you to everyone who was there to make it a special day for my graduate and family!” -Alysia Hurtado, Interim Options Coordinator


“I want to shine the spotlight on two of my sibling scholars who graduated this year, Itza and José (pictured here with their other two siblings, Alexa and Cristian.) They were both behind in credits but had the opportunity to graduate due to AB104. They worked very hard this year to make it happen! I especially want to shine on Itza. This was her third year as a senior, and she is well into adulthood. She had been working with her counselor, Ms. Kiki Helton, to come up with other options when this opportunity arose this year. She was SO excited and asked me many times during our connection meetings, ‘Are you sure I’m going to graduate?’ She carries a lot of responsibility at home, so doing school with all that was a challenge. She did it, though!” -Kristy Smith, Supervising Teacher

“So much fun, what great ceremonies! I loved speaking with our learning coaches and scholars and hearing their appreciation of Compass and their supervising teachers. I spoke with the sweetest learning coach, who raved about their supervising teacher and AVID Coordinator, Andrea Lomeli. This Grandma/learning coach was beaming with pride over her 8-grade grandson, who attributed his success to her. Graduation and promotion are the BEST!” -Karle Roberts, Options Coordinator

“My first and only Compass senior, Sovia Juanita R., graduated today at the Los Angeles ceremony, and I am just so proud and grateful! (Look at her SASSY self, and the “best smile you’ve got” picture next to J.J. Lewis!) Sovia is the first in her large family ever to get a high school diploma! I didn’t meet her until this year, and the pandemic was rough on her family, as it was for many who struggle when there isn’t even a pandemic happening. But counselor, Mandi Schwartzberg met with us in the fall and laid out a plan by which she could graduate if she passed every single course this year! Michelle MoyherSupervising Teacher, and Rebecca Jacobs, Supervising Teacher, encouraged her in live synchronized classes. Christy Saez, English Language Support Coordinator, and Gina Lopez, English Language Learner Tutor, encouraged her to get the ELD and Lexia minutes done. Gracias a todas ~ importa lo que hacen, y aunque no tengan idea de los resultados de antemano, miren lo que sucede me siento TAN orgullosa y contenta hoy.” -Stephanie Lee, Supervising Teacher


“Spotlight on the Engagement team for providing the opportunity for us to live stream the graduations and promotions! It’s so nice to sit here working and be a part of the celebration from home simultaneously! Thank you! Rebecca MacAlpine, Danielle DelNegro, Engagement Coordinator, and Ashley Daugherty, Orientation Coordinator!” -Erin Smith, Director of Academic Support

It was an exceptional time of celebration, and we are incredibly fortunate at Compass to have such a stellar team that lives and breaths our ARTIC Values of Achievement, Respect, Teamwork, Integrity, and Communication; and uplifts the Gold Standard in Virtual Education. 

San Diego 12-Grade Graduates

“I am so incredibly Loud and Proud of all our amazing Compass Family for hosting stellar and heartwarming graduation ceremonies,” shares J.J. Lewis, Superintendent & CEO. “We celebrated 55 graduates and 49 promoters across our three charters, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Yolo! There were so many terrific memories and moments at all our celebrations. Special thanks to our Engagement Team, Rebeca MacAlpine and Danielle DelNegro, and our staff Karle Roberts, Janae Smith, Debra Stephan, Alex Vazquez, Jason Bee; and all others who helped; exceptional work, everyone!” 

CCS of Yolo 12-Grade Graduates



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