Compass Charter Schools Recognizes 2023-24 Learning Coaches of the Year

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Thousand Oaks, CA—Compass Charter Schools (Compass) announces our 2023-24 Learning Coaches of the Year. At Compass, parents and guardians are known as the “Learning Coach” for their children and are an integral part of their children’s success. As Compass is a personalized learning public charter school, the learning coach facilitates much of the learning in collaboration with a supervising teacher.

Compass staff nominates learning coaches who have stood out as leaders and have excelled in supporting their scholars throughout the year. Join us in celebrating our 

2023-24 Learning Coaches of the Year:

Los Angeles
Online Learning Program: Lata Mathrani Larrabure
Ms. Lata Mathrani Larrabure (Scholar is Santana) was nominated by Mr. Vazquez, who has the privilege of working with her and her scholar, Santana. Mr. Vazquez shared, “Ms. Larrabure is very supportive of her scholar’s education and academic needs. She is very responsive to the teacher communication sessions and always has a great attitude. It has been a joy to work with this family.” Ms. Mathrani Larrabure has supported her scholar and encouraged him to actively engage at Compass. Whether joining in an academic discussion or volunteering in his community through National Honors Society, Ms. Mathrani Larrabure has been alongside Santana, cheering him on along the way. We appreciate Ms. Mathrani Larrabure’s example of our ARTIC values and all that she does.  

Options Learning Program: Brittany Thomas
Brittney Thomas (Scholar Kaiden) is an outstanding Learning Coach who goes above and beyond what is expected. She is responsive, prompt, attentive, flexible, and always has a positive attitude. She is a pleasure to work with and is consistently on top of everything. I commend Brittney for all of her hard work and dedication to her scholar, supervising teacher, and Compass. Brittney is a true example of teamwork; we are thankful to work with her.

San Diego
Online Learning Program: Adriane Cunningham
Adriane Cunningham (Scholar is Connor) was nominated by the Online Middle School team. Ms. Talcott shared, “Adriane is very approachable. She always responds to any correspondence. She attends monthly connection meetings and does what is expected as a learning coach. She is also a very nice person and has taken the time to really get to know the academic team.” Ms. Cunningham’s commitment to Connor’s academic success has been evident as she collaborated with Ms. Talcott and the teachers to ensure he reached his goals. She exemplifies the ARTIC values of achievement and teamwork. We look forward to working with her and Connor as he continues his educational journey. 

Options Learning Program: Adrianna Galanos
Adrianna Galanos (Scholar is Mathias) is an excellent learning coach. She ensures that she advocates for her scholar the best way she can. This year, her support for her scholar manifested in helping her child complete many work samples to fulfill the SST process. Adrianna worked well with the team, and even though the third meeting was already done, she wanted to continue to support her scholar all the way to the end of the school year, which amounted to a lot of work done by the scholar and resulted in the scholar achieving more in his academic journey here at Compass.

Online Learning Program: Veronica Titterington
Veronica Titterington (Scholars Joshua and Evelyn) was nominated by the Online Elementary team. Ms. Watt wrote, “Veronica is an organized and thoughtful learning coach who is a joy to work with! She balances having two scholars in the Online program and manages to not only guide and direct their learning but also is the first to complete any and all additional tasks we ask. Veronica exemplifies what it means to be an involved and engaged learning coach. She goes above and beyond to provide her scholars with the best educational experience, which shows in all she does.” Ms. Titterinton truly exemplifies the ARTIC values, and the team looks forward to continuing to partner with her to ensure that both of her scholars continue their academic success. 

Options Learning Program: Marcie Franich
Marcie Franich (Scholar is Nolan) is a wonderful learning coach who is genuinely dedicated to the growth of her children. She makes learning fun through art projects, games, outdoor activities, and songs. Marcie goes above and beyond to find ways to keep her children engaged. She constantly researches new resources and ideas to help her children succeed. If one idea doesn’t work, Marcia doesn’t give up but finds countless other ways to help her children reach their goals. Her communication skills are excellent, and she really involves the whole Compass team in her children’s progress. Marcie doesn’t hesitate to ask questions or try new things and always keeps the team informed. She is an outstanding learning coach who truly puts her children first.

Latta Mathrani Larrabure, Learning Coach of the Year and her scholar

Cunningham Family, Adriane Cunningham, Learning Coach of the Year

Titterington Family, Veronica Titterington, Learning Coach of the Year

CCS of Los Angeles
Online Learning Program: Jack Ayers
Options Learning Program: Eneisha Reed

CCS of San Diego
Online Learning Program: Hugo Rodarte
Options Learning Program: Alissa Beamish

CCS of Yolo
Online Learning Program: Tammy Rotan
Options Learning Program: Chrissy Vagnerini

CCS of Los Angeles
Online Learning Program: Jack Ayers Alexei
Options Learning Program: Sarah Carney

CCS of San Diego
Online Learning Program: Maryse Bonniwell
Options Learning Program: Jessica Yglesias

CCS of Yolo
Online Learning Program: Jennifer Simoni
Options Learning Program: Marcie Franich

CCS of Los Angeles
Online Learning Program: Jessica Chouari
Options Learning Program: Barbara Baez

CCS of San Diego
Online Learning Program: Therese & Tony Christopher
Options Learning Program: Elizabeth Bettisworth

CCS of Yolo
Online Learning Program: Shaunna & David Green
Options Learning Program: Rubyann Arcilla

CCS of Los Angeles
Online Learning Program: Nicole Kiss
Options Learning Program: Brittany Thomas

CCS of San Diego
Online Learning Program: Kara Pingel
Options Learning Program: Amanda Cervantes

CCS of Yolo
Online Learning Program: Kimally Samuels
Options Learning Program: Annalee Petersen

Online Elementary School: Jack Ayers
Online Middle School: Gina Hansen
Online High School: Lisa Robotham
Options Learning Program: Shelby MacLeish

Online Elementary School: Tarah Howell
Online Middle School: Dawn Peeters
Online High School: Lisa Hunter
Options Learning Program: Juanita Murphy

Online Elementary School: Cherylan Reyes
Online Middle School: Crystal Fretz
Online High School: Jaime Ellman
Options Learning Program: Heather Schott

Online Elementary School: Robert Nahm
Online Middle School: Amber Cascadden
Online High School: Yolanda Vogel

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