Compass Charter Schools Recognizes 2022-23 Learning Coaches of the Year

By July 24, 2023 July 27th, 2023 News

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Thousand Oaks, CA – Compass Charter Schools (Compass) announces our 2021-22 Learning Coaches of the Year. At Compass, parents and guardians are known as the “Learning Coach” for their children and are an integral part of their children’s success at Compass. As Compass is a personalized learning public charter school, the learning coach facilitates much of the learning in collaboration with a supervising teacher.

Compass staff nominates learning coaches who have stood out as leaders and have excelled in supporting their scholars throughout the year. Join us in celebrating our 

2022-23 Learning Coaches of the Year:

Los Angeles
Online Learning Program:
Jack Ayers
“Mr. Ayers is his scholar, Lily’s biggest advocate, and supporter,” shares Carrie Talcott, Middle School Teacher. “He is very passionate about educating her. Ayers attends meetings monthly and provides pertinent feedback to the staff so they can support his child and personalize her learning. Mr. Ayers is honest and forthcoming about what decisions are necessary to help his daughter to get to the next level in her education. He is always available to collaborate with Lily’s team. Our teachers appreciate his flexibility and understanding when changes in the schedule occur. He is an amazing learning coach to work with.” 

Options Learning Program: Eneisha Reed
Stephanie Lee, Supervising Teacher, shares, “Eneisha works tirelessly to find the “right fit” (curriculum and activities) to match the interests and needs of each of her five unique scholars. She makes it a point to take them on field trips throughout Southern California and helps them connect with related projects, writing, and more. Eneisha is a master of scheduling and still finds time to ensure plenty of “magic” is sprinkled with the hard work. Her scholars attend live sync, clubs, online events and services, tutoring, and more! She is always learning and showing her children what it means to be curious alongside them. No matter what challenges are placed in Eneisha’s path, she gets up and finds a way to turn it into something good. Eneisha is a source of inspiration to me as a teacher, ready with a question, idea, smile, or an uplifting call, text, or email. She makes me want to be better at what I do too.”

San Diego
Online Learning Program:
Hugo Rodarte
Online teachers share that Mr. Rodarte is actively involved in his scholar, Giselle’s education. He is supportive and communicates with the teacher when needed. Giselle is motivated by his learning environment. Rodarte has high expectations for himself as a learning coach.

Options Learning Program: Alissa Beamish
Heather Hardy, Orange County Learning Center Co-Coordinator, shares, “Alissa Beamish is one of the most well-rounded, engaging, and dedicated learning coaches. She is an effective credentialed teacher and provides well-planned lessons and exceptional feedback on her scholars’ work. Alissa makes sure that her children are immersed in the subject and have hands-on applications that are both meaningful and fun. For example, while learning about the Vikings, they learned about the geography of the regions the Vikings inhabited, their folklore, and their religion. They built boats and enjoyed an authentic feast. Alissa is passionate about helping others and consistently incorporates community service into her scholars’ learning environment, helping to build great future citizens that care about the people and world around them. Alissa is also actively involved in the learning center community at the OCLC; she is the board secretary and helps organize and run our History Festivals and Maker’s Faire. Alissa is always there supporting other learning coaches, answering their questions, and helping them scaffold lessons. Alissa is truly an asset to Compass Charter Schools!”

Online Learning Program: Tammy Rotan
Ms. Rotan is one of our amazing Online learning coaches and finds ways to think outside of the box to support her scholar, Isaiah,” shares Erica Angelo, Middle School Teacher. “She is always positive and a joy to speak to. Ms. Rotan helps with strategic goal planning and scheduling to help Isaiah succeed in his classes. She communicates with all of the teachers and support staff and works tirelessly to help Isaiah feel successful in his first year of middle school. I feel truly grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing learning coach.” 

Options Learning Program: Chrissy Vagnerini
“Chrissy has been an absolute joy to work with when she switched both scholars to my list,” shares Lauren Dann, Supervising Teacher. “She is extremely organized, knows how to work OPS, and her scholars always work at or above grade level. She has both Josh and Rebekah working on fun, interactive projects. I truly enjoy our connection meetings. Chrissy is the perfect fit for independent study learning.”

The Learning Coach of the Year Program started in the 2015-16 school year. Previous honorees are:


CCS of Los Angeles
Online Learning Program: Jack Ayers Alexei
Options Learning Program: Sarah Carney

CCS of San Diego
Online Learning Program: Maryse Bonniwell
Options Learning Program: Jessica Yglesias

CCS of Yolo
Online Learning Program: Jennifer Simoni
Options Learning Program: Marcie Franich

CCS of Los Angeles
Online Learning Program: Jessica Chouari
Options Learning Program: Barbara Baez

CCS of San Diego
Online Learning Program: Therese & Tony Christopher
Options Learning Program: Elizabeth Bettisworth

CCS of Yolo
Online Learning Program: Shaunna & David Green
Options Learning Program: Rubyann Arcilla

CCS of Los Angeles
Online Learning Program: Nicole Kiss
Options Learning Program: Brittany Thomas

CCS of San Diego
Online Learning Program: Kara Pingel
Options Learning Program: Amanda Cervantes

CCS of Yolo
Online Learning Program: Kimally Samuels
Options Learning Program: Annalee Petersen

Online Elementary School: Jack Ayers
Online Middle School: Gina Hansen
Online High School: Lisa Robotham
Options Learning Program: Shelby MacLeish

Online Elementary School: Tarah Howell
Online Middle School: Dawn Peeters
Online High School: Lisa Hunter
Options Learning Program: Juanita Murphy

Online Elementary School: Cherylan Reyes
Online Middle School: Crystal Fretz
Online High School: Jaime Ellman
Options Learning Program: Heather Schott

Online Elementary School: Robert Nahm
Online Middle School: Amber Cascadden
Online High School: Yolanda Vogel

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