Compass Charter Schools Recognizes 2020-21 Learning Coaches of the Year

By June 7, 2021 News

Thousand Oaks, CA – Compass Charter Schools (CCS) announces their 2020-21 Learning Coaches of the Year.

Compass staff nominates learning coaches who have stood out as leaders and have excelled in supporting their scholars throughout the year. Join us in celebrating the 2020-21 Learning Coaches of the Year:

Los Angeles

Online Learning Program: Jessica Chouari
Janae Smith, CCS of Los Angeles Principal, shares, “Jessica supports her scholar each and every day by monitoring his progress and always staying by his side to ensure that he can get through the reading materials. She is always available for connection meetings. Thank you for your excellent work as a learning coach Jessica!”

Options Learning Program: Barbara Baez
Smith shares, “Barbara goes above and beyond for her scholars. She is calculated in how she teaches content and is always researching new ideas. She continually strives to learn how to be the best educator. Her effort and tenacity shine brightly. Barbara is a pleasure to work with and gives each day her 100%. I love watching her scholars not only excel but have fun while learning. She is such a rockstar and deserves to be recognized. Thank you, Barbara, for being amazing!” 

San Diego

Online Learning Program: Therese and Tony Christopher
Sharon Rosen, social studies teacher shares, “The Christophers have been such an amazing family and a joy to work with the past few years. They are extremely supportive of their scholar Elizabeth’s endeavors and have been very active in various aspects of her education, from field trips to parent committees. They never miss a connection meeting or a Coffee with Compass and strive to make sure that Elizabeth never misses a learning lab. They are an amazing family with an amazing scholar, and they will be incredibly missed. In short, the Christophers are the epitome of exceptional learning coaches, and I am grateful for their partnership in Elizabeth’s education. It has been a pleasure getting to know them personally over the last six years. Congratulations to both of you!” 

Options Learning Program: Elizabeth Bettisworth
Jan Marquez, supervising teacher, shares, “Liz is one of the most passionate, caring, and knowledgeable learning coaches. She is always open to my ideas to help support her scholars and always finds unique ways to ignite learning based on their learning styles. She always attends our connection meetings and completes expected requirements in a timely and detailed manner. Liz is cooperative and easy to communicate with. She is a great Mother and teacher to her scholars. Liz is truly deserving of Learning Coach of the Year.” 


Online Learning Program: Shaunna and David Green
Jason Bee, CCS of Yolo Principal, shares, “Mr. and Mrs. Green are dedicated and always involved with their scholar’s academic performance and school activities. They have been active participants in all parent-teacher conferences this year, asking questions and working with their scholar to develop and attain goals. They quickly respond to any queries or requests from their homeroom teacher and are truly a great partner in their scholar’s education. According to their current homeroom teacher, they are just a pleasure to have as learning coaches and are a wonderful model of what a learning coach for a high school online scholar should be.”  

Options Learning Program: Rubyann Arcilla
Bee shares, “Rubyann Arcilla’s Supervising Teacher has had the pleasure of working and watching Rubyann homeschool her three scholars for the past three years. Rubyann has three very different children and knowing this, she approaches each of their learning needs and desires uniquely, even though it means a lot of extra work for her in terms of planning, teaching, and grading. She encourages them to pursue their interests and has high expectations of each one according to their abilities. Ms. Arcilla is always smiling, gentle, and encouraging; she’s a pleasure to support. On top of all of this, she’s very organized, and she keeps me on track! She’s never been late to a meeting, turning in a work sample, or with attendance.”

J.J. Lewis, Superintendent & CEO, shares, “Congratulations to Jessica Chouari, Barbara Baez, Therese, and Tony Christopher, Elizabeth Bettisworth, Shaunna and David Green, and Rubyann Arcilla for receiving this honor. You each are an integral part of your scholar’s academic success. Your guidance, support, and teamwork with our teachers and educational facilitators are immensely appreciated; continue the incredible work. Please join us in celebrating our Learning Coaches of the Year, thanking them for being our partners along this educational journey and a role model for their fellow learning coaches!”

The Learning Coach of the Year Program started in the 2015-16 school year. Previous honorees are:

CCS of Los Angeles
Online Learning Program: Nicole Kiss
Options Learning Program: Brittany Thomas
CCS of San Diego
Online Learning Program: Kara Pingel
Options Learning Program: Amanda Cervantes
CCS of Yolo
Online Learning Program: Kimally Samuels
Options Learning Program: Annalee Petersen

Online Elementary School: Jack Ayers
Online Middle School: Gina Hansen
Online High School: Lisa Robotham
Options Learning Program: Shelby MacLeish

Online Elementary School: Tarah Howell
Online Middle School: Dawn Peeters
Online High School: Lisa Hunter
Options Learning Program: Juanita Murphy

Online Elementary School: Cherylan Reyes
Online Middle School: Crystal Fretz
Online High School: Jaime Ellman
Options Learning Program: Heather Schott

Online Elementary School: Robert Nahm
Online Middle School: Amber Cascadden
Online High School: Yolanda Vogel

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