Compass Charter Schools Celebrate Classified Staff!

By May 20, 2020 Blog

This week, we celebrate Classified School Employee Week. We celebrate our staff members who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep Compass Charter Schools (CCS) up and running! Our Academic Services Team covers curriculum, instruction, and academic supports for our scholars. The Financial Services Team covers finance, operations, and vendor relations. The Human Resources Team recruits, screens, interviews, and places prospective staff, and supports staff once they join the Compass family. And our Information Services Team covers admissions, enrollment, engagement, information technology, project administration, and public relations.

Our Superintendent & CEO, J.J. Lewis shares, “It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Superintendent & CEO for Compass Charter Schools! We are an exclusively virtual, nonclassroom-based independent study personalized learning public charter school. What does that mean? It means we work tirelessly to support our scholars through our mission to ‘inspire and develop innovative, creative, self-directed learners, one scholar at a time.’ So much of what we accomplish at CCS is possible because of the support of our Classified Employees.”

We interviewed some of our excellent staff on their experience working at CCS.

What do you love about working for CCS?

The high emphasis on scholar education, now more than ever, we are quality innovators. ~Silvia Neri, Records Specialist 

I love our commitment to scholars. We put scholars first in all that we do, which is why I became an educator. My passion aligns with the mission and vision of the organization. ~Rebecca MacAlpine, Director of Engagement

I love helping families choose an online learning format that will help them be successful. ~Dario Eminente, Enrollment Specialist 

The passion and love that every staff member puts into anything CCS related, to their scholars, and teammates. ~Oscar De Jesus, Accountability Coordinator

You can be proud to work here every day, knowing that the staff is dedicated and always strives to do the right thing. ~Lisa Fishman, Assistant Superintendent & Chief Financial Officer

I love our community! We have such a diverse staff with many strengths, and I think that makes us unique. When we put our heads together, and we make great things happen! ~Danielle DelNegro, Engagement Specialist

What moment has stood out to you the most while working at CCS this year?

There have been many! Most recently, though, I think I have enjoyed watching the way leadership has reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve navigated a difficult time smoothly, and it has made me very grateful to not only work for Compass as a virtual school but to have a job that was not affected by the changes in our world. ~Danielle DelNegro, Engagement Specialist

The tremendous amount of genuine love, support, and caring shown towards me when I fell ill a few months ago. I have never felt this amount of support from any other coworkers I’ve had in the past. ~Oscar De Jesus, Accountability Coordinator

The common thread of caring about each other, even though we are rarely in the same space. The staff has figured out how to be a close-knit group despite being a dispersed workforce. ~Lisa Fishman, Assistant Superintendent & Chief Financial Officer

I was in a meeting earlier this year and had just received news of a friend who had passed away. My colleagues who were in the meeting were so compassionate and sent many messages expressing their support as I processed the devastating news. It was a difficult time, but their messages and support made such a difference. We may be separated by distance but have still developed meaningful relationships! ~Rebecca MacAlpine, Director of Engagement

Tell us about a scholar and/or colleague at CCS who has made a significant impact on you this year?

This one is so hard! Everyone is so important and vital. If I have to pick, I choose Vanessa Placencia, Compliance Coordinator. Her knowledge and willingness to help. I am no longer part of her department, but her positive attitude has had a tremendous impact. ~Silvia Neri, Records Specialist

Rebecca MacAlpine, Director of Engagement, is just a wonderful person in general, and she’s an even better boss! Her thorough understanding of engagement and the systems of organization that she has put in place have made my transition into the Engagement Specialist position seamless. ~Danielle DelNegro, Engagement Specialist

The teamwork that the Enrollment team has shown this school year and the ability to complete and handle all tasks. ~Dario Eminente, Enrollment Specialist 

I especially appreciated the compassion I received from J.J. Lewis. His support made such a significant impact on me as I navigated the loss of my friend. ~Rebecca MacAlpine, Director of Engagement

Kimberly Aguilar, Community Relations Coordinator, and Vanessa Beyer, Admissions Coordinator. They swooped in to make me feel valued and as an integral part of the team and family. They have been there to answer my questions, help me solve issues, and, overall, be my cheerleaders, and I couldn’t do what I do without their support and collaboration. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, ladies! ~Oscar De Jesus, Accountability Coordinator

What is your superpower?

My superpower would be my ability to care and help others whenever I can and however I can. Whether it’s by helping with a task, making them smile, or being supportive during a rough time. My job isn’t done until my peers feel valued and are smiling and happy! ~Oscar De Jesus, Accountability Coordinator

Customer service, I love helping families and schools and guiding them through a process. Whether it may be correctly filling out a form or explaining the procedure to complete a certain task. ~Silvia Neri, Records Specialist

I’m a team player! I want to get the job done well and to help in any way that I can. ~Danielle DelNegro, Engagement Specialist

I feel that I can provide excellent customer service to our families and give them the best advice on school choices. ~Dario Eminente, Enrollment Specialist 

I share enthusiasm with my team for their successes and passions. People want others to believe in them and be supportive regardless of how successful or unsuccessful they are; this keeps them motivated. ~Lisa Fishman, Assistant Superintendent & Chief Financial Officer

Thank you to all our staff members, who share the common passion of supporting our scholars, by striving daily to reach Compass’ Gold Standard of excellence, and make Compass truly feel like a family. Our team is here for you – our staff, our counselors, our scholars, our learning coaches, and our greater community, reach out if there is anything our team can do for you.

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