Compass Charter Schools (CCS) Selected to Join The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey

By January 22, 2018 News

THOUSAND OAKS — Compass Charter Schools (CCS) announced today that it has been selected to join The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey (EBSLJ) for the 2017-18 school year.

As members of the EBSLJ, CCS will use a positive culture framework to help its teachers and school staff build a culture based on positivity and shared-leadership. CCS will apply common language and the EBSLJ’s seven key principles to guide its school practices and put a focus on positivity within its learning communities.

CCS is a virtual independent study charter school serving grades TK-12 with a scholar enrollment of over 1,000. In 2012, CCS began with a small team of educators in Southern California committed to providing a safe, family-centered alternative to the traditional brick and mortar school for scholars throughout the state. While CCS has evolved over the years, the desire to provide excellent educational options has remained strong with our online and homeschool programs. Over the past five years, CCS has educated the highly gifted, the bullied, the athlete, the actor, the academically-challenged, the chronically ill, and many other scholars who sought a personalized educational experience outside traditional classroom walls.

“CCS is dedicated to continuing to provide scholars with an engaging, inviting, and positive learning environment,” said J.J. Lewis, CCS President & CEO. “We strongly believe that scholars are better able to learn and succeed when they receive positive encouragement from their peers, teachers and school staff. We are excited to be the first virtual school on this journey and are committed to being active members of The Energy Bus and encouraging leadership and positivity throughout the entire Compass community.”

Started in 2016,  The EBSLJ was established by former school principal, Niki Spears, and based on the principles of the bestseller The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. The EBSLJ is on a mission to inspire and develop leaders (scholars and educators) who positively impact schools, families, communities and the world. Based on its seven key principles and unique set of best practices, the EBSLJ provides a transformational, multi-year approach to help schools create and sustain a positive school culture and develop positive school leaders.

“We are excited about our partnership with Compass Charter Schools. After speaking with Mr. Lewis, President & CEO, and listening to the vision and goals of Compass Charter Schools, we knew that he and his team would be a great addition to our family of certified Energy Bus Schools,” shared Niki Spears, EBSLJ Co-Founder and Chief Energy Officer. “We believe that true success begins with leadership and are always in search of leaders who embrace positive culture. The success principles from The Energy Bus combined with the challenging, innovative academic platform of Compass Charter Schools will inspire and develop innovative, solution-minded scholars and adults who are prepared to change the world. We are thrilled to begin our journey together!”

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About Compass Charter Schools  

Compass Charter Schools (CCS) is a WASC-accredited virtual public charter school serving thousands of scholars throughout the state. Catering to TK-12 grade scholars, CCS offers the choice of either their homeschool or online academic program. CCS is committed to creating a collaborative virtual learning community, inspiring scholars to appreciate the ways in which arts and sciences nurture a curiosity for lifelong learning, and preparing scholars to take responsibility for their future successes.

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