Compass Charter Schools (CCS) Recognizes 2019-20 Learning Coaches of the Year

By June 6, 2020 June 23rd, 2020 News

Thousand Oaks, CA – Compass Charter Schools (CCS) announced today that Nicole Kiss, Brittany Thomas, Kara Pingel, Amanda Cervantes, Kimally Samuela, and Annalee Petersen are our 2019-20 Learning Coaches of the Year.

CCS staff nominate learning coaches who have stood out as leaders and have excelled in supporting their scholars throughout the year. The 2019-20 Learning Coach of the Year honorees are:

Los Angeles

Online Program: Nicole Kiss
“Ms. Kiss has been an involved Leaning Coach who advocates for her 9-grade scholar, Alexa. In the early weeks of Alexa’s tutoring sessions, she would send emails to let teachers and tutors know how much she appreciated them,” shared Kasey Wingate, scholar success coordinator, and Melissa Mayer, online tutor “Mid-semester Alexa was added to a reading Individual Education Plan (ILP), and Kiss sent an email asking about the placement. She expressed her concerns and asked to speak with Alexis’ homeroom teacher to get feedback. Kiss was not quick to say no, her daughter did not need this plan, but she first sought further details. I was pleased and impressed. She has been delightful and is a wonderful Learning Coach!”

Options Program: Brittany Thomas
“Mrs. Thomas is not only a fantastic Learning Coach for her scholar, but she supports and encourages all scholars that she interacts with at the Orange County Learning Center. Whenever I need something, Thomas is there, rounding up work samples, ensuring activity logs are submitted, helping place orders, making sure diagnostic assessments are complete, and more,” mentioned Danielle Kiefner, educational facilitator “I cannot emphasize enough of Thomas’s many contributions to her son, her local homeschooling group, and me, as her Educational Facilitator, and Compass as a whole. It is my pleasure to recognize Brittany Thomas as a Learning Coach of the Year”

San Diego

Online Program: Kara Pingel
“Ms. Pingel is an exemplary Learning Coach. She can juggle many scholars in various grade levels and never misses a beat with support and communication. Pingel has been a crucial part of motivating her scholars to take responsibility for their learning and interaction with their teachers. She collaborates with every teacher to determine the support she needs to provide each of her scholars to succeed in education,” remarked Ashley Daugherty, online K-8 coordinator and Janae Smith, online high school coordinator “Her positive attitude and flexibility have contributed to her scholars’ success. She is a pleasure to work with, and we know that she is committed to learning and takes her role as a learning coach very seriously.”

Options Program: Amanda Cervantes
“Mrs. Cervantes is a veteran Learning Coach who currently teaches three of her seven children at home! She is very communicative and supportive,”said Kelli McCaulley, educational facilitator. “Cervantes has a vast knowledge of various curricula, materials, and services that meet the needs of scholars in all grade levels. She is also loud and proud of the Compass Experience and shares about CCS on social media.


Online Program: Kimally Samuels
“Ms. Samuels is an amazing Learning Coach. She has empowered her 12-grade scholar Jahve to reach for the stars and beyond. Knowing her scholar’s potential, she provides countless opportunities, including supporting Jahve in enrolling in college as she is working on finishing her high school diploma,” shared Mataya Olson, college & career readiness counselor and Janae Smith, online high school coordinator. “Samuels has instilled high values in her scholar and exemplifies our ARTIC values (achievement, respect, teamwork, integrity, and communication). We know that her scholar will achieve greatness and that she is a critical piece in her success.”

Options Program: Annalee Petersen
“Mrs. Petersen is a kind and gracious Learning Coach. She puts her daughters, Capri and Luxe’s, education first and goes above and beyond for them. She creates engaging lessons and learning activities. Petersen is quick to solve problems and do whatever is needed to ensure that her daughters have what they need and meet their academic goals,” said Allison Barrett, educational facilitator. “Petersen took on many challenges this year, with grace and humility, and did not miss a beat academically. Her scholars are genuinely blessed to have such a dedicated learning coach.”

“Congratulations to Nicole, Brittany, Kara, Amanda, Kimally, and Annalee for receiving this honor. You each are an integral part of your scholar’s academic success. Your guidance, support, and teamwork with our teachers and educational facilitators are immensely appreciated; continue the incredible work.” shares J.J. Lewis, Superintendent, and CEO. “Please join us in celebrating our Learning Coaches of the Year, thanking them for being our partners along this educational journey and a role model for their fellow learning coaches!”

The Learning Coach of the Year Program started in the 2015-16 school year. Previous honorees are:

Online Elementary School: Jack Ayers
Online Middle School: Gina Hansen
Online High School: Lisa Robotham
Options Program: Shelby MacLeish

Online Elementary School: Tarah Howell
Online Middle School: Dawn Peeters
Online High School: Lisa Hunter
Options Program: Juanita Murphy

Online Elementary School: Cherylan Reyes
Online Middle School: Crystal Fretz
Online High School: Jaime Ellman
Options Program: Heather Schott

Online Elementary School: Robert Nahm
Online Middle School: Amber Cascadden
Online High School: Yolanda Vogel

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