Compass Charter Schools (CCS) Names their September Scholars of the Month

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Thousand Oaks, CA – CCS is proud of its scholars and uses its Scholar of the Month program to recognize their accomplishments. The program also ties into the CCS core values of achievement, respect, teamwork, integrity, and communication. Scholars are nominated by teachers and staff for their academic excellence, work ethic, leadership skills, and virtual involvement, and selected by the leadership team for the monthly honor.

Compass Charter Schools of Los Angeles (serving the counties of Los Angeles, Kern, San Bernardino, and Ventura):

Online Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Shadrack H., of Bakersfield

“Shadrack has jumped right into the new Accelerate program,” said Crystal Villegas, elementary school teacher. “He attends his learning labs on time and engages with his peers. He regularly uploads his completed assignments and is doing a great job keeping up with the class pace.”

Online Middle School Scholar of the Month: Telci H., of Burbank

“Telci has done an excellent job staying on pace in her courses,” said Lacey Lehman, middle school teacher. “She communicates regularly with her teachers and advocates for herself when she needs help in her courses. Telci is very hardworking and I know she will continue to achieve great things.”

Online High School Scholar of the Month: Jesse O., of Reseda

“Jesse is focused and dedicated to achieving high scores in his math class,” said Karen Lewers, high school teacher. “He is always polite, patient, and respectful. Jesse is willing to put in the extra time and do what it takes to succeed. He is self-motivated and respectfully works well with his teacher and classmates. He communicates when he needs support and he quickly and respectfully responds to his teachers. He takes pride in his work and strives to understand the lessons each week!”  

Options Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Karis M., of Simi Valley

“Karis is an exceptional young man with an amazing family,” said Karle Roberts, educational facilitator. “I have enjoyed getting to know him and his family over the past year and I am so excited to spend another year with them! Karis has a thirst for knowledge and his mom makes learning engaging and fun! Karis is going to go very far! I am proud of you, Karis, and I know your family is too!

Options Middle School Scholar of the Month: Marco A., of Carson

“Marco is curious, friendly, and has a positive attitude that shines through all of his endeavors,” said Stephanie Lee, educational facilitator. “He recently uploaded a video of a science experiment that he found and explained it so viewers at home could easily try it, and he used some nice science vocabulary too! His learning coach does a wonderful job getting involved and encouraging him at every turn – it is really fun to work with Marco and his family!”

Compass Charter Schools of San Diego (serving the counties of San Diego, Imperial, Orange, and Riverside):

Online Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Britney B., of Borrego Springs

“Britney is doing a great job engaging during her learning labs,” said Crystal Villegas, an elementary school teacher. “ Britney is making great use of the microphone and camera for peer connection as she consistently shares her great ideas during class time. She has served as a great model for her fellow classmates, in this way, and has inspired great class discussions.”  

Online Middle School Scholar of the Month: Andrew D., of Lake Elsinore

“Andrew has hit the ground running in his courses this year,” said Erin Thomson, middle school teacher. “He reaches out to me regularly when he needs help or has questions and he has a great proactive attitude. Andrew is very responsible and enthusiastic during his learning labs and is handling middle school well!”

Online High School Scholar of the Month: Ivan L., of Chula Vista

“Ivan is excelling in his geometry course and currently has an excellent grade in the course,” said Michelle Whitney, high school teacher. “He has attended every learning lab and is always respectful of his teachers and peers. Ivan participates during every learning lab and he enjoys engaging with his classmates. He’s doing a great job so far this year!” 

Options Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Sophia W.B., of San Diego

“Sophia is friendly and engaging,” said Holly Dong. “I look forward to meeting with her and her learning coach to see her work samples. In addition to her school work, she is taking both recorder and piano lessons, as well as gymnastics. She is new to homeschooling, and with continued support from her learning coaches, she is going to accomplish great things this year!”

Options Middle School Scholar of the Month: Jonathan M.L., of Escondido

“Jonathan continues to do a great job communicating with his learning coach and school staff,” said Rebecca Jacobs, educational facilitator. “He is very hardworking! Jonathan truly cares about the quality of his work and has been attending the virtual writing workshops at Compass. He is doing a fantastic job so far this year!”

Options High School Scholar of the Month: James P., of San Diego

“James has done an excellent job communicating with me and his learning coach,” said Kelly Cortese, educational facilitator. “He started working on assignments as soon as he received his new workbooks. He submits weekly work samples to share his progress with me. He also discusses all of the extracurricular activities that he completes throughout the learning period like taking guitar lessons, building bikes, and participating in Boy Scouts. He really pushes himself to stay on track!” 

Options High School Scholar of the Month: Abigail L., of Holtville

“Abby is engaged, organized, and very interested in learning,” said Kelly Cortese, educational facilitator. “She is focused on pursuing her career goal of becoming an actor. She takes initiative when discussing the types of assignments that she wants to complete and always reaches out to ask questions when she needs a little guidance. She helps her younger siblings stay focused and organized, too. She leads our weekly discussion meetings and makes sure that she is meeting her goals.”

Compass Charter Schools of Yolo (serving the counties of Yolo, Contra Costa, Colusa, Lake, Marin, Napa, Sacramento, Solano, Sonoma, and Sutter):

Online Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Brycen M., of Travis Airforce Base

“This is Brycen’s first year at Compass and he has exemplified what it means to be an ARTIC scholar,” said Joyce Popelar, elementary school teacher. “He is a hard-working scholar who attends and actively participates during his learning labs. Brycen comes prepared with the necessary materials and completes all of his assignments. He engages in our Flipgrid classroom forum and demonstrates respect at all times. Brycen is a joy to have in class and truly demonstrates all five of the Compass core values.”  

Online Middle School Scholar of the Month: Piper P., of Hidden Valley Lake

“Piper is doing great in all of her courses,” said Kim Noller, middle school teacher. “It’s been a pleasure having her as a scholar in my class. Piper participates during learning labs and communicates respectfully with her classmates. She submits her assignments on time and advocates for herself by asking for help when she needs it.” 

Online High School Scholar of the Month: Mariah C., of Sacramento

“Mariah has been working hard in her English class,” said Jennifer Jennings, high school teacher. “She is responsible and asks for help when she needs it. During her learning labs, Mariah thinks about the discussion questions carefully and shares thoughtful answers with her classmates. She demonstrates great attention to detail in all of her assignments.”

Options Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Pranathi M., of Hidden Valley Lake

“Pranathi has a thirst for knowledge,” said Angela Cloud, educational facilitator. “She enthusiastically shares what she’s learned during our check-in sessions. She especially loves a good book and her music. Pranathi is taking piano, drumming, and voice lessons and is writing her own songs. She is a wonderful example of how the love of learning, focus, and very supportive learning coaches can help a scholar shine!” 

Options Middle School Scholar of the Month: Natasha H., of San Anselmo

“Natasha is an incredible author,” said Terry Egan, educational facilitator, “She is currently creating a book about the climate crisis. She’s using poetry and her animation skills to tell an important story. Natasha is dedicated, talented and doing fantastic work.” 

Options High School Scholar of the Month: Jenavieve J., of Fairfield

“Jenavieve is one of the kindest and most respectful scholars I have ever met,” said Sandy Lee, educational facilitator. “She is very caring and always makes sure that she speaks to others, whether adults or peers, with kindness, respect, and great value.”

“Congratulations to all of our September Scholars of the Month. There are many talented scholars at CCS, and this program is one of the many ways we recognize and celebrate their hard work,” shared J.J. Lewis, Superintendent & CEO. “Please join all of us at CCS in celebrating all of our September Scholars of the Month from the across the Compass Family of Public Personalized Learning Charter Schools!”

About Compass Charter Schools  

Compass Charter Schools (CCS) is a WASC-accredited virtual public charter school network serving thousands of scholars throughout the state. Catering to TK-12 grade scholars, CCS offers the choice of either their homeschool or online academic program. CCS is committed to creating a collaborative virtual learning community, inspiring scholars to appreciate the ways in which arts and sciences nurture a curiosity for lifelong learning, and preparing scholars to take responsibility for their future successes. 

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Britney B., Online Elementary School  

Brycen M., Online Elementary School

Shadrack H., Online Elementary School

Andrew D., Online Middle School

Telci H., Online Middle School

Ivan L., Online High School

Mariah C., Online High School

Abigail L., Options Program 

James P., Options Program 

Jenavieve J., Options Program

Karis M., Options Program

Marco A., Options Program

Natasha H., Options Program

Pranathi M., Options Program

Sophia W.B., Options Program


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