Compass Charter Schools (CCS) Names their October Scholars of the Month

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Thousand Oaks, CA – CCS is proud of its scholars and uses its Scholar of the Month program to recognize their accomplishments. The program also ties into the CCS core values of achievement, respect, teamwork, integrity, and communication. Scholars are nominated by teachers and staff for their academic excellence, work ethic, leadership skills, and virtual involvement, and selected by the leadership team for the monthly honor.

Compass Charter Schools of Los Angeles (serving the counties of Los Angeles, Kern, San Bernardino, and Ventura):

Online Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Ricardo M., of Los Angeles

“Richard is a wonderful scholar to have in class,” said Sarah Eagleton, elementary school teacher. “He attends all of his learning labs, engages in discussions, completes the work on time, and gets along with classmates. He is respectful and communicates well with his teacher and his peers. Keep up the great work!”

Online Middle School Scholar of the Month: Caysen D., Redlands

“Caysen has maintained impressive academic achievement this year,” said Erin Thomson, middle school teacher. “He is very hardworking and determined to succeed in his courses. Caysen is very respectful and demonstrates great integrity. He communicates well with his teachers and peers and participates during his learning labs. Great job, Caysen!”

Online High School Scholar of the Month: Bobby N. III., of Ventura

“Bobby has demonstrated excellent achievement in all of his classes,” said Jennifer Jennings, high school teacher. “He continues to score above grade level on his assessments and demonstrates great academic achievement in class. Bobby always works hard and is very respectful. He is driven in both school and in competitive swimming.”  

Options Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Gemma B., of Upland

“Gemma is an amazing scholar,” said Karissa Hyross, educational facilitator, “She is working very hard in her second grade math book and has recently started second grade language arts as well. This summer she started playing with a hockey team, and has dreams of playing in the Olympics one day. Whatever Gemma decides to do in the future, I am sure it will be great!”

Options Middle School Scholar of the Month: Micah A., of Long Beach

“Micah’s work samples are very inspirational,” said Stephanie Lee, educational facilitator. “I enjoy talking with him and his learning coaches about his work and progress. Micah has traveled through Japan and Germany and always found time to explore while maintaining a commitment to his studies and tests, and his scores are excellent! He takes feedback well and uses it to improve his work; he reflects on what he has learned and communicates with maturity. I am proud to work with Micah and his family – I know he is ready for whatever lies ahead.”

Options High School Scholar of the Month: Arion A., of Marina Del Ray

“Arion is very motivated to meet his goals,” said Kelly Cortese, educational facilitator. “He is concurrently enrolled in two community college courses this semester! He does a wonderful job communicating with me to make sure that his assignments are clear and that he is on track to complete his courses on time. Great work, Arion!” 

Compass Charter Schools of San Diego (serving the counties of San Diego, Imperial, Orange, and Riverside):

Online Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Colton A., of Lake Elsinore

“Colton is an exceptional scholar,” said Monique Grimes, elementary school teacher. “He communicates respectfully with his teacher and peers and participates during his learning labs. He is always on top of his class assignments, he’s quick to learn new technology, and he is truly becoming an independent learner.”  

Online Middle School Scholar of the Month: Melia S., of Lake Elsinore

“Melia is an amazing young woman,” said Jennifer Tatum, middle school teacher. “She has taken full responsibility for her education and is truly a self-directed learner. She attends and participates in all of her learning labs. Melia is progressing quickly and diligently through her courses. She asks for help when she needs it and takes advantage of any extra credit assignments when they are available. She is a very responsible, organized scholar who enjoys school.”

Online High School Scholar of the Month: Alexis S., of Costa Mesa

“Alexis is dedicated to achieving success in her courses,” said Lynn Woodley, high school teacher. “She works hard to understand her math course and always asks for help when she needs additional support. During our Q&A support sessions, she always comes prepared with questions and a great attitude to work together and understand the math problems.” 

Options Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Kevin P., of Pine Valley

“Kevin has created beautiful work during our most recent learning period,” said Robin Pride, educational facilitator. “He takes his time on all of his assignments and always does his best. I truly enjoy working with Kevin and his learning coach. He is an amazing scholar with a positive attitude about learning.”

Options Middle School Scholar of the Month: Lidia M., of San Diego

“Lidia is truly a scholar in every sense of the word,” said Sarah Flint, educational facilitator. “She has a positive attitude about learning and is always enthusiastic about the subjects she is studying. Lidia’s excitement for learning shines through in her exemplary work samples. I look forward to seeing what achievements are next on the horizon for her!”

Options High School Scholar of the Month: Madison A., of Laguna Niguel

“Madison is goal-oriented and focused on completing her tasks,” said Kelly Cortese, educational facilitator. “She does a wonderful job advocating for herself when she needs support to reach her goals and she stays on track with her online course pacing. She is doing a great job in her classes and achieving her goals!” 

Compass Charter Schools of Yolo (serving the counties of Yolo, Contra Costa, Colusa, Lake, Marin, Napa, Sacramento, Solano, Sonoma, and Sutter):

Online Middle School Scholar of the Month: Ava A., of Benecia

“Ava is a very smart and driven scholar,” said Erica Angelo, middle school teacher. “She continues to work hard in all of her classes. Ava frequently attends her learning labs and engages with her peers. She self-advocates by asking for help when she needs additional support. Keep up the great work, Ava!” 

Online High School Scholar of the Month: Love J., of Oakland

“Love has taken great initiative this year,” said Jennifer Hobson, high school teacher. “She is acing her courses, even the tough sciences, and has embraced the opportunity to be an exceptional self-advocate. Love has worked hard to develop academic practices that lend to her success, and her achievement this year is evidence of her determination. I’ve always known Love to be a focused scholar, but this year her independence and initiative make her truly shine!”

Options Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Lucas M., of Sebastopol

“Lucas puts forth tremendous effort toward every assignment he completes,” said Kimberly Bender, educational facilitator. “He has wonderful penmanship and enjoys all of his course subjects. Lucas is eager to learn and excited to communicate everything he is working on during our meetings. He is an all-around wonderful scholar and does a great job leading by example for his two younger brothers.”  

Options Middle School Scholar of the Month: Julius G., of Sausalito

“Julius is a content scholar with a very positive attitude,” said Rebecca Jans, educational facilitator. “He enjoys new challenges and experiences. His ability to achieve is positively influenced by his inquisitive mind and his love for adventure and nature. I’m excited to see what Julius achieves this year!” 

Options High School Scholar of the Month: Ava G., of Sausalito

“Ava is a dedicated scholar who has achieved so much in the first few months of the school year,” said Rebecca Jans, educational facilitator. “She is hardworking and creative and has achieved academic growth. Ava is an accomplished artist and her sketches and projects in her fine arts course are incredible! I look forward to seeing what the rest of the school year holds for Ava.”

“Congratulations to all of our October Scholars of the Month. There are many talented scholars at CCS, and this program is one of the many ways we recognize and celebrate their hard work,” shared J.J. Lewis, Superintendent & CEO. “Please join all of us at CCS in celebrating all of our October Scholars of the Month from the across the Compass Family of Public Personalized Learning Charter Schools!”

About Compass Charter Schools  

Compass Charter Schools (CCS) is a WASC-accredited virtual public charter school network serving thousands of scholars throughout the state. Catering to TK-12 grade scholars, CCS offers the choice of either their homeschool or online academic program. CCS is committed to creating a collaborative virtual learning community, inspiring scholars to appreciate the ways in which arts and sciences nurture a curiosity for lifelong learning, and preparing scholars to take responsibility for their future successes. 

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Colton A., Online Elementary School  

Melia S., Online Middle School

Caysen D., Online Middle School

Alexis S., Online High School

Bobby N., Online High School

Gemma B., Options Elementary School 

Kevin P., Options Elementary School 

Lucas M., Options Elementary School

Julius G., Options Middle School

Lidia M., Options Middle School

Micah., Options High School

Ava G., Options High School

Madison A., Options High School

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