Compass Charter Schools (CCS) Names their May Scholars of the Month

By June 11, 2020 News

Thousand Oaks, CA – CCS is proud of its scholars and uses its Scholar of the Month program to recognize their accomplishments. The program also ties into the CCS core values of achievement, respect, teamwork, integrity, and communication. Scholars are nominated by teachers and staff for their academic excellence, work ethic, leadership skills, and virtual involvement, and selected by the leadership team for the monthly honor.

Compass Charter Schools of Los Angeles (serving the counties of Los Angeles, Kern, San Bernardino, and Ventura):

Online Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Marinel Hazeline C. of Gardena

“Marinel has been ahead in all her courses on K12 throughout this school year,” shares Michelle Fullerton, Elementary School Teacher. “Keep up the good work Marinel!”

Online Middle School Scholar of the Month: Isaac B. of Ventura

“I nominate Isaac for his hard work, achievement, and being on pace each week, ” shares Erica Angelo, Middle School Teacher. “He reaches out for assistance when needed and always gives 100% when doing his work.”

Online High School Scholar of the Month: Isaiah P. of Victorville

“Isaiah’s academic achievement is stellar,” shares Lynn Woodley, High School Teacher. “He is completing both semesters of chemistry and Algebra 2 in one semester! His academic work is excellent and his communication with his teachers and his classmates (during learning labs) is always been respectful and on-point.” “I highly recommend Isaiah as Scholar of the Month!” Janae Smith, High School Coordinator shares, “Isaiah continues to show integrity through his dedication to his studies and the quality of work that he submits.”

Options Elementary Scholar of the Month: Olivia W. of Burbank

“Olivia is an excellent communicator and loves to share descriptive details of the subjects that she’s learning in our connection meetings,” shares Tiffany Somerville, Educational Facilitator. “Her work samples are outstanding and her forward progress is off-the-charts! Olivia is also a talented artist and loves to showcase her artwork. Way to go, Olivia!”

Options Middle School Scholar of the Month: Cantrelle J. of Burbank

“Cantrelle works really hard in everything she does,” shares Claire Harding, Educational Facilitator. “She is very polite and has amazing communication skills. She loves to read and is an amazing artist!”

Options High School Scholar of the Month: Ashley P. of Covina

“Ashley has shown an excellent ability to set goals and be persistent in achieving them,” states Laura Harvey, Options Regional Coordinator. “She is accountable, responsible, and she makes smart decisions and listens to opportunities to improve. She follows directions promptly and accurately, and she is a confident, positive, and wonderful role model!”

Compass Charter Schools of San Diego (serving the counties of San Diego, Imperial, Orange, and Riverside):

Online Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Aiden B. of Menifee

“This is Aiden’s first semester with CCS and he is doing a wonderful job,” shares Joyce Popelar, Elementary School Teacher. “He works hard in his subjects and takes pride in his work. He embodies and demonstrates our ARTIC values. Aiden is a pleasure to have in my class!”

Online Middle School Scholar of the Month: Kailyn H. of San Diego

“Kailyn is great at communicating and participating in her learning labs,” shares Erica Angelo, Middle School Teacher. “ I can tell she puts in a lot of hard work. She is a very high achiever with all A’s and B’s. Keep up the good work Kailyn!”

Online High School Scholar of the Month: Piper B. of Aguanga

“Piper has taken the profound initiative this semester to do her absolute best work at all times,” shares Jen Hobson, High School Teacher. “She carefully considers her teacher’s feedback and takes advantage of every opportunity to improve her skills. Piper is a strong self-advocate, a proactive learner, and shows dedicated consistency. She has positive energy and brings lightness and fun to our learning labs. I’m very proud of her efforts this year! “

Options Elementary School Scholar of the Month: Elliot B. of Inverness

“Elliot is a well-rounded scholar and gifted in a multitude of subject areas,” states Tiffany Somerville, Educational Facilitator. “He loves to read chapter books, write descriptive essays, and solve challenging math equations. Elliot is also quite the outdoorsman! He enjoys hiking, biking, and practicing yoga with his Mom. Kudos for always doing your best, Elliot! I’m so proud to nominate you as Scholar of The Month!”

Options Middle School Scholar of the Month: Samuel G. of San Clemente

“Samuel is an excellent scholar,” shares Claire Harding, Educational Facilitator.” He is very responsible and has great communication skills. He excels in all areas and is an amazing pianist! His samples are always above standards. It has been such a pleasure to work with him this year!”

Options High School Scholar of the Month: Kathleen M. of National City

“Kathleen is dedicated to her work and eager to learn new skills and techniques,” states Laura Harvey, Options Regional Coordinator. “She is constantly increasing her skills in every subject. She sets high standards for herself and reaches them. Kathleen is a flexible learner and adapts easily to new challenges.”

Compass Charter Schools of Yolo (serving the counties of Yolo, Contra Costa, Colusa, Lake, Marin, Napa, Sacramento, Solano, Sonoma, and Sutter):

Online Middle School Scholar of the Month: Olivia S. of Antioch

“Olivia is new to Compass and she has jumped right in and has been working very hard in class,” shares Erica Angelo, Middle School Teacher. “She is always willing to participate in and attends learning labs.”

Options Elementary School Scholars of the Month: Zoe and Alathea P. of Santa Rosa

“Zoe is interested in her own learning, listens attentively, and makes a solid effort to avoid distractions that could interrupt the learning process,” shares Laura Harvey, Options Regional Coordinator. “Zoe has done a great job facing and overcoming big challenges this year and has shown much growth this year! Zoe uses a variety of context clue strategies to define new vocabulary in a text. She is a wonderful scholar, and I’m glad to be her teacher.”

“Alathea is enthusiastic about her coursework and shows a willingness to learn,” shares Laura Harvey, Options Regional Coordinator. “Alathea has done a great job facing and overcoming big challenges and has shown much growth this year! She is hardworking, confident, and motivated to do her best. Alathea reads within a range of different genres. I enjoy listening to her retell stories she reads with such enthusiasm. She is an amazing scholar!”

Options Middle School Scholar of the Month: Harper H. of San Geronimo

“Harper is consistent and steady,” states Brenda Lasley, Educational Facilitator. “She always has her work done on time and it is always of excellent quality. She pays attention to detail and is very focused. She communicates well and always has everything needed. She is goal-focused and ready to enter high school.”

Options High School Scholar of the Month: Henry F. of Sebastopol

“Henry is a bright scholar who consistently does his best,” shares Allison Barrett, Educational Facilitator.  “He is an excellent problem solver and has worked diligently this entire school year on his academic studies. His work samples are always above par and show he truly cares about his work. I always look forward to our connection meetings so I can hear more about all the exciting things he is learning about. I am proud to be his supervising teacher and work alongside his amazing learning coach.”

“Congratulations to all of our April Scholars of the Month! There are many talented scholars at CCS, and this program is one of the many ways we recognize and celebrate their hard work,” shared J.J. Lewis, Superintendent & CEO. “Please join all of us at CCS in celebrating all of our April Scholars of the Month from the across the Compass Family of Public Personalized Learning Charter Schools!”

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Isaac B., Online Middle School Scholar

Isaiah P., Online High School Scholar

Olivia W., Options Elementary Scholar

Ashley P., Options High School Scholar

Aiden B., Online Elementary School Scholar

Kailyn H., Online Middle School Scholar

Piper B., Online High School Scholar

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