Compass Charter Schools (CCS) Adopts a Houston School in Need Following Hurricane Harvey

By September 12, 2017 News

Thousand Oaks, CA –  Compass Charter Schools (CCS) recently adopted Thompson Intermediate, a middle school in Houston devastated by Hurricane Harvey, as part of the AVID School to AVID School initiative. School districts from across the country are adopting schools along the Texas Gulf Coast to offer relief and help repair the damage from Harvey.

CCS is proud to be part of the AVID School to AVID School initiative,” said Crystal Rubnerth, CCS AVID Coordinator. “It is essential that everyone in the education community unites during times of need to support the scholars and the staff who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The AVID program has set the bar high. Here at CCS we are ready to do our part and support Thompson Intermediate during this challenging time.”

Countless schools throughout Texas were destroyed by Harvey and forced to postpone the start of their school year, or start the year at a different location. Thompson Intermediate’s local community was severely damaged by Harvey. Several of the school’s scholars, parents, teachers and school administration lost their homes and personal possessions during the storm. The community lacks the resources needed to fully repair the damage from Harvey, and lacks the ability to supply the local children with the materials they need for school. Thompson Intermediate created a wishlist with the supplies their scholars need, and for the classrooms in their new school building, for those like CCS who would like to offer support.

“It is critical that schools from across the country step-up and support schools like Thompson Intermediate that were affected by Hurricane Harvey,” said CCS President & CEO J.J. Lewis. “We must all work together to repair the damage that was done to the schools in Texas. Scholars are our future. It’s time to do our part and help rebuild those schools in need so they can get back to guiding, supporting and inspiring their scholars.”

CCS has rallied its employees, scholars, parents and stakeholders to offer support by donating school supplies from Thompson Intermediate’s wish list. CCS encourages other schools from across the country to make a difference by adopting their own local school, or by donating to schools in need like Thompson Intermediate.

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