A Word From Our Superintendent: Happy New Year

By January 1, 2019 January 9th, 2019 A Word From Our CEO, Blog

2019 IS HERE!

I hope all of our scholars and their families are enjoying a very restful Winter Break. A lot of excitement lies in the year ahead and I look forward to sharing it with each of you!

2018 has ended and our first semester is also coming to a close. I encourage you to enter this new start by reflecting on the goals you had for yourself in 2018, and creating new goals to achieve, both academically and personally, in this new year! Our staff is ready to support all of our scholars in creating action plans to achieve those goals and to succeed in their academics and other aspirations. I know that all of our staff are truly proud of our scholars’ hard work thus far and look forward to guiding them toward continued success.

We spent the beginning of the school year focusing on our core values of achievement, respect, and teamwork. This month, we focus on our core value of integrity. In general, integrity means to be honest and demonstrate strong moral principles, which we demonstrate through our words, deeds, and actions. At CCS, we put integrity at the forefront of everything we do. We believe having integrity is an essential part of a healthy life and sets the foundation for our decisions, behavior, opportunities and overall success.

Personally, I continue to exercise my own integrity and set an example for others by being transparent with our staff and families and by listening and acting on constructive feedback. There are many resources available to our stakeholders to receive important, honest, and direct information from me, including our quarterly Parent Town Hall meetings and our monthly Scholar Leadership Council and Staff Advisory Committee meetings, in addition to our bi-monthly Parent Advisory Council meetings. My motto has always been, if I know, you should know too. These are just a few of the ways I am trying to live and model integrity for our Compass family.

We’re encouraging scholars, learning coaches and staff to share what integrity means to them and why it’s important. How will you carry integrity with you into the new year? Let us know here!

As shared by Melody Beattie, “The new year stands before us like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.” I wish you continued success and growth in 2019, and I look forward to seeing how you write your own next chapter. Happy New Year!

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