A Message From our Superintendent – Compass Charter Schools Focuses on Growth

By April 30, 2024 Blog

Dear Compass Community,

Spring is a time for growth and new beginnings. At Compass, we are wrapping up our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and creating our new plan for the next three years. The LCAP is a three-year plan that describes the goals, actions, services, and expenditures to support positive student outcomes that address state and local priorities. As part of this process, we just completed our annual survey to our staff, scholars, and families. This year, we received over 1,000 responses from Learning Coaches (parents), scholars, and staff. The survey information guides our decisions as we create goals for our new plan. I would like to share a few highlights of our results with you.

At Compass, we value our families and build community through engagement, encouraging our scholars to participate in exciting field trips, clubs, and virtual events. We appreciate that families choose Compass for all of their scholars and build a rich learning environment in their homes.

What are the top three things that parents, scholars, and staff love about Compass?

When asked what they love about Compass, parents, scholars, and staff agreed that they love the most flexibility in a personalized learning environment. Scholars and parents appreciate the flexibility in scheduling, pace, curriculum, and the ability to work from home. Staff appreciate the flexibility of working remotely, accommodating various learning styles, and contributing to meaningful projects. As we set our goals, we will be focused on how we can improve flexibility while maintaining the structures needed to meet state regulations.

Our teachers and staff are the heart of Compass. In our learning model, the ability of the supervising teacher to tailor instruction to meet the needs of each scholar is what makes us special. Scholars highlighted the understanding, helpfulness, and support provided by teachers. Parents expressed positive feedback about their teachers providing guidance and their availability. Staff emphasized their commitment to putting scholars first. Their passion for helping scholars achieve their best, providing personalized learning experiences, and meeting individual needs came through loud and clear. Compass is dedicated to providing a robust staffing model that supports this unique learning environment.

In a virtual environment, community engagement and events are a key component to offering our families ways to connect with the Compass community and enrich their studies. Scholars appreciated the availability of clubs, field trips, and diverse extracurricular activities. Parents highlighted the sense of community and engagement events, especially at our Orange County Learning Center (OCLC). Currently, schools like Compass are prohibited from opening new learning centers, but this is set to change in January 2026 when the state moratorium on non-classroom-based charter schools expires. As we set our goals for the next three years, we will consider offering more in-person learning opportunities in a blended model. Compass strives to create a positive work environment and community for all staff. Staff expressed a sense of belonging and appreciation for the supportive environment at Compass. The camaraderie with colleagues, relationships with families, and the overall collaborative atmosphere contribute to a positive work experience.

If we could change one thing…

When asked what they would change, parents and scholars responded that they want more flexibility, more field trips and social interactions, and more course offerings. The great thing about these suggestions is that Compass has a solid foundation to continue building and enhancing these offerings. We will continue to support our current programs and look for ways to grow and increase our services.

Staff expressed a desire for increased transparency in communication from top leadership to teachers, providing clear reasons behind changes and involving teachers in decision-making processes. In order to support a collaborative work environment we need to enhance staff culture and cohesion, fostering collaboration and trust among different departments. Staff also suggested that we create more opportunities for professional growth and recognize and respect long-time staff members’ experience, knowledge, and tenure. As we evaluate our staff support systems, this feedback will be considered, and we will look for ways to improve in these areas.

Our focus is on growth.

As we reflect on what we have learned over the past three years, we will look at what worked well and what needs to improve. With input from our education partners, I am confident that Compass will set a course to build on our successes and continue to provide our scholars and families with access to a personalized learning environment that truly supports our mission to inspire and develop innovative, creative, self-directed learners, one scholar at a time.


Kind Regards,

Elizabeth Brenner

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