8 Ideas To Make the Most of Your Spring Break!

By March 24, 2021 Blog

You’ve been online all day, every day with your scholars, for months on end. We know that our scholars always come first, but Spring Break is a great time to re-focus on your health and wellbeing. Take time for yourself this break and make this time truly count!

What are all the fun things you’ve wanted to do but haven’t had time to do? Try to avoid the to-do lists and focus instead on really relaxing and replenishing yourself before starting this next semester. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that it is not work-related (and is socially-distanced and safe, of course!)

You may have some plans or ideas in mind, but if not, check out some of these fun ideas below that will hopefully inspire your creative and fun juices to flow and prompt new adventures to embark upon! 

Exercise is everything.

Get out in the sunshine for a family bike ride, hike, or run! Getting exercise is a huge stress relief for the entire family! Make sure to sweat and get rid of all your stress and toxins!

Yes, read for pleasure.

Do you have a nightstand full of books that you’ve never touched? Well, you’re not alone! Now is the time to dive into one or many of those great reads! Relax, take a seat and enjoy; the kids can wait, the laundry can wait. 

Go ahead, binge-watch.

Perhaps instead of books, you have movies or shows you haven’t had time to watch. Go ahead and indulge, sans guilt.

Spend some quality time with your family.

Balancing family life, school life, and work-life are challenging – and especially challenging this year. If you’ve missed time with your family, take this time to do something fun that you usually don’t have time for. Movie nights, crafts, making forts, date nights, sports, time outdoors – the list is endless.

Go on a day-trip adventure.

Perhaps you have always wanted to see a town in California but have never quite had the time to get away. Maybe this is the time to jump in the car and see a new and beautiful California landmark. Visit a beach that you have always wanted to see, walk the shoreline and watch the sunset. Check your map for destinations that are one to two hours away – you’ll probably be surprised at all the choices!

Create an at-home science camp.

For curious kids, try a staycation that includes an element of learning! Playfully facilitate STEM instruction by creating an at-home science camp. Delve into Pinterest for projects like glittery slime or rainbow-hued bath bombs that keep their brains engaged. Here are some inspiring sites at parents.com:

Grab your mat.

Is there a yoga place (outdoors!) or a video that you’ve wanted to try? Now’s the time to do it. There is nothing like getting some yoga time to de-stress, limber up, build strength, and re-center yourself.

Try new recipes.

After too many quick meals on the run, take this opportunity to rediscover the joy of cooking. Look into crafting some new and exciting recipes at home.

Make sure your spring break is all about fun and relaxation – there will be plenty of time to focus on your scholar’s online or personalized learning assignments when you return. Enjoy your break and appreciate the little things, the small wonders, and the people surrounding you every day!

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