5 Reasons Why Online High School is Great for Struggling Teens

By March 20, 2019 Blog

Teenagers who are facing substantial academic or personal challenges can benefit from attending an online high school. Whether they’re struggling academically, dealing with bullies, feeling challenged by peer pressure or having difficulties at home, online high school can help throughout their teenage years.

Online public schools, like Compass Charter Schools (CCS), provide cutting-edge curriculum taught by experienced credentialed teachers to help high school scholars succeed academically and prepare for their future. Some online high schools, like CCS, also have supportive school counselors and a team of credentialed special education teachers. Online high schools offer scholars the flexibility and personalized educational experience they need to overcome obstacles and succeed.

Here are five reasons why online high school is a great choice for struggling teens:

Work at Your Own Pace

In an online environment, scholars can work at a pace that best meets their learning style and personal schedule. If they need to spend more time on an assignment, they have the flexibility to do so. If a scholar needs to move ahead at a quicker pace, they can partner with their teachers and counselor to create a more advanced academic plan. Having the flexibility to learn at their own pace gives scholars an optimal learning experience.

Choose Your Learning Environment

Online classrooms have no boundaries! Scholars can choose to learn in an environment that best suits them. They can log in into their courses from the safety of their home, while traveling, or while sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. At CCS, scholars enjoy plenty of social time with other children during their virtual learning labs, but they also get to learn and study in their pajamas if they would like to. Scholars can choose to learn in a space that is quiet with little distractions, bullies or crowded classrooms. They can also choose to learn in small groups with other teenagers who are part of an online high school. The choice is theirs!

Create Your Own Schedule

Online high school allows scholars to have access to their courses 24/7. They can log in whenever they want to study and they can take breaks from learning as needed. Some teenagers may need to help babysit younger siblings, online high school gives scholars the ability to complete their coursework when they are not babysitting. Other high school scholars may need to work while they’re still in school. Online high school gives scholars the ability to learn and study around their work schedule.

Individualized instruction

Teachers in an online high school have the ability to use multiple instructional strategies to meet the individual needs of every scholar. The staff at CCS believe that every scholar is unique with their own learning style and deserves a personalized learning experience. Individualized instruction allows teachers to better accommodate different learning styles.

Teachers are More Accessible

In an online high school, scholars can easily communicate with their teachers through various channels including video conferencing, email, telephone, and sometimes even chat messages or texts. Teachers can be reached during the school day or even after hours because they are not limited to communicating during traditional classroom time. At CCS, teachers host weekly support sessions for scholars who would like additional help. The teachers host small group meetings or one-on-one sessions to give scholars all of the help that they need to succeed in their courses.


Compass Charter Schools (CCS) is a WASC-accredited virtual charter school that serves families throughout California. Interested in learning more about CCS’ flexible academic programs? Visit our website, or contact our enrollment team at [email protected] or (877) 506-8631.

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