5 Reasons Why Independent Study is a Great Choice for Military Families

By May 22, 2019 Blog

Military children have vastly different educational experiences than those of non-military children. They face unique challenges and often learn to develop a mature set of personal skills at a young age to cope with their lifestyle. In fact, the average military child changes schools once every three years, which means finding new friends and adjusting to new teachers and new school culture.

Thankfully, military families have access to independent study schools, like Compass Charter Schools (CCS), that provide personalized learning experiences that military children can enjoy as they move to new places and face new challenges.

Here are five leading reasons why independent study programs are a great option for military families:

Quality Education Anywhere

It’s no secret that military families move a lot. Our nation’s military transition from one duty station to another every few years and of course, they often bring their families along with them. This means that military children have to learn to cope with leaving their friends, moving to a new place and making new friends. For military parents, it could mean enrolling their children in a new school that may not offer a quality educational experience. Independent study programs like CCS allow military families to keep their children enrolled in the same school no matter where they live*. Their children can study and learn as their family moves and travels! They don’t have to constantly change schools, which can often help children avoid challenges like bullying or truancy. Their children can learn outside of a traditional classroom. CCS allows military children to always have access to a quality educational experience led by credentialed teachers and counselors no matter where they are.

Schedule Flexibility

Life for military families can be unpredictable because active-duty soldiers can be called into service in a moment’s notice. Independent study programs like CCS, support military families by allowing them to create custom learning schedules based on their unique needs. Scholars in our programs are able to choose when they want to learn. Some scholars may learn better early in the morning, while others may prefer to learn at night. Some scholars may need to spend more time learning on the weekend and less time during the week. CCS believes military children shouldn’t have to fall behind in school simply because their lifestyle may not always allow them to follow a traditional school schedule. Independent study programs allow military children to learn at their own pace based on a schedule that best meets their needs to ensure that they stay on track to graduate!

School Community

Moving to a new place often means that children have to enroll at a new school, which can be a daunting experience. It means having to start all over again at a new school with new policies, new classrooms and curriculum, new teachers and the task of finding new friends. Some children may not enjoy this experience. CCS’ programs allow children to enjoy the same close-knit school community no matter where they live! Scholars in our online program meet with each other at least once a week during their virtual learning labs where they can see each other through live video chat, and talk with each other about their course lessons and assignments, or to share personal stories and experiences. They also have the ability to join our virtual school clubs and engage with peers who share common interests like writing, photography, cooking, chess and more! They even have the option to join our Scholar Leadership Council and gain leadership experience. Independent study programs give military families a consistent, engaging school community that they can enjoy no matter where they live.

Counseling Support

Being part of a military family can sometimes take an emotional toll on children. At times, life may seem overwhelming and unpredictable. Military children face unique social, emotional and academic challenges that other children may not face. Thankfully, some independent study programs, like CCS, offer support from credentialed, experienced school counselors. CCS’ counseling team provides academic, social and emotional support services and they also provide college and career guidance to prepare for life after graduation. Military families can lean on their school counselor for support through the highs and lows of their journey.

College and Career Readiness

Independent study programs can help children learn and develop important life skills at an early age in preparation for life after graduation. CCS’ programs are designed to help children develop mature organizational skills, time management, and communication and leadership skills, which will help them succeed later in life. Military families can rest assured that their children are receiving a quality academic experience while learning important life skills that will help them smoothly transition into a college environment or into the workforce. As we previously mentioned, CCS’ school counselors are dedicated to helping prepare all of their scholars for life after high school. The teachers and school staff are also all on board to support military children throughout their educational journey.


Compass Charter Schools (CCS) is a WASC-accredited virtual charter school that serves families throughout California. Interested in learning more about CCS’ flexible academic programs? Visit our website, or contact our enrollment team at enrollment@compasscharters.org or (877) 506-8631.

*To be eligible to enroll in Compass Charter Schools (CCS), children must maintain proof of residence in the state of California and within a county that CCS serves.

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