5 Reasons Why Goal Setting Is Essential for High School Scholars

By March 11, 2020 Blog

High school is an important time to be aware of your goals. To set goals in specific areas, including academics, long-term plans, sports, social life, health, community, family, interests, and screen time. Try to keep to a few goals at a time because slow and steady wins the race. Tracking goals is crucial and excellent preparation for future career or college goals.

Many educators find that using SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely—keeps students on track. Having online meetings about goal setting with your educational facilitator, learning coach, teacher, and/or counselor increases cooperation and growth because your goals are not solely your responsibility.

 1. Goals Drive You Forward

Writing goals down and setting specific dates gives you a plan to work towards. You need to write goals that are measurable and attainable, as well as identify concrete steps to reach them. By having clear written goals, you are visualizing and connecting to your inner desires, thereby motivating yourself to work towards those goals, even when your energy and focus begin to waiver.

2. Goals Transform an Unconquerable Mountain into an Easily Traversed Hill

We all have huge goals that seem almost unreachable in our current situation. It is easy to get discouraged and to feel that you are climbing up an unconquerable mountain. By writing out goals that you can measure and attain, you can then identify specific steps to reach them. Goal setting can break a colossal goal down into small, achievable stepping stones that can each be taken one step at a time.

 3. Goals Help Us Believe in Ourselves

Scholars can often lack confidence in their academic strengths and their ability to improve. Think about all the things that you have already accomplished in your life? Goals further fuel your ambition and give you the confidence that you can achieve anything. Goal setting is not just a task but a plan for your life and a way to hold yourself accountable for your actions. They are an inspiration when you need to take that additional step and press onward. Sharing goals is very important; with your learning coach, educational facilitator, counselors, or teachers, they can help to direct you and give you recommendations and specific steps.

4. Goals Hold You Accountable for Failure

Keeping track of goals is so important and necessary to keep track of both failures and successes. You can look back in 3 months or two years and see, wow, I accomplished that goal to learn the guitar, I finished four applications to colleges, or I did not get that summer job I wanted. What goals worked, and what did not? Did you only interview for one job? Did you spend hours practicing the guitar? Did you plan to apply to eight colleges instead of four?

5. Goals Tell You What You Truly Want

Many scholars struggle with setting goals that are timely, realistic, and attainable; working on SMART goals can help you to identify the obstacles. A lot of times, you think I know what I want in life; I have to go to this college or date that person. But, but writing down clear goals, you can see what works in your life and what does not. By reviewing goals, you can see where your passions lie and what works for you and what does not. What type of person or career is really compatible with you?

 Goals help you to make the most of every moment and pursue your dreams. All worthwhile endeavors in life take hard work and specific steps to get there.

You may feel under so much pressure to make the right educational and career decisions; what often is underrated is emotional growth and security. You will experience more than you can handle sometimes. Some of the most important goals you can set for yourself are ones to help you grow mentally and emotionally. Find an outlet to discuss what is on your mind, set an appointment with your counselor, and find a safe place to open up.

You can find many inspiring stories from books for different ages in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

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