5 Great Ways Kids Can Learn Outside This Summer

By June 26, 2019 Blog

Summer is finally here! To celebrate, we’re encouraging all of our scholars to get up, get outside, and continue learning. We’ve compiled a few fun activities that parents can share with their children to help them explore the outdoors this summer, all while learning and having fun.

Here are five great ways that scholars can spend time learning outside this summer:

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Families with middle school and high school scholars can organize a fun outdoor scavenger hunt. Parents can place specific objects of their choice in brown paper bags and hide them in various locations outside. Then, they will need to create and share a few simple hints to help the kids find the hidden objects. This activity is a great way to encourage kids to get outside and practice their reading and problem-solving skills!

Nature Walk

Is your family planning a trip to the beach or to a state park? Parents can consider organizing a nature walk during their trip to help their children learn about nature while playing outside. Families can take a walk just about anywhere and create a special outdoor learning experience. For example, parents can take their scholars for a walk to learn about animals, plants, and the weather that they see around them. They can even bring along their favorite books about nature to use as a guide along the way. To make the walk really engaging, families can bring a pair of binoculars to help the children get a clear view of special moments outside. A nature walk can help children learn about the outdoors, while also serving as a great form of physical activity!


Looking for an outdoor learning experience right in your own backyard? Families can make plans to garden this summer to help their children learn about botany and photosynthesis. Parents can invite their children to choose a place where they would like to start a garden and then decide which plants they would like to grow. Families can try growing vegetables that can be used to cook with once fully grown. This activity allows kids to get a little messy while they learn about growing plants!

Simon Says

This age-old classic is a great outdoor game that parents can play with their young children this summer! Parents can start by giving short simple instructions that require the kids to move around. To really enjoy the outdoors, parents can give instructions related to animals like, “wiggle like a worm,” or “hop like a frog.” This fun and simple activity can help young children learn to follow instructions and develop body awareness and balance. 


Looking for a charitable way to learn outside this summer? Parents can encourage their kids to spend time volunteering in their community during the warm summer months! There are countless environmental organizations that need volunteers during the summer. Parents can help their children volunteer at a local organization to learn about the hazards that threaten nature and how they can help protect the environment. Families that live near the ocean may want to consider volunteering for an organization that hosts beach cleanups and spend some time learning about how our trash and litter affects animals that live in the ocean and along the shoreline. Or, families who live in the city may want to volunteer for an organization that promotes alternatives to fossil fuels to decrease air pollution. There are so many different types of environmentally focused organizations that children and their families can volunteer with this summer to learn about nature, spend some time outside, and have a positive impact on the environment. 


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