Community Service Opportunities

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Community Service Opportunities

Use the CCS Community Service List to locate some volunteer opportunities in your area. If you would like to search for more opportunities in an area near you, please you the following links:

CCS Samaritan Award

Compass Charter Schools (CCS) invites all scholars to partake in community service. There are endless opportunities, and your counselor can provide resources to get started. You may volunteer anywhere you choose.

CCS recommends all scholars to actively participate in community service in a way that positively impacts their local city. In fact, research shows that participating in altruistic activities such as community service is linked with overall happiness. Also, this is a wonderful activity to include on resumes for jobs and/or colleges.

To promote CCS scholars partaking in community service, we will be awarding CCS Samaritan Awards each school year to scholars who submit a log of 50 or more hours of community service. For more information contact Ms. Olson, our College Career Readiness Counselor at

To qualify for the CCS Samaritan Award, you must complete 50 hours of community service within the current school year. There are two submission periods, one at the end of first semester and the other at the end of second semester. Please submit any hours completed within the first semester by 1.24.20, and the remaining hours completed in second semester by 5.29.20.

Please use this form to log and submit your hours.