Prior Academic Records

All scholars who have previously attended public, private, and/or home school are eligible to enroll and will be asked to submit academic records to assist with your course placement in the registration process.

Report Card (grades K-8) – Please submit a copy of the report card from the most recent school year.

Official Transcript (grades 9-12) – Please submit an official transcript that includes the complete end-of-year grades from the prior school year and any academic documentation (such as a progress report/interim report, class schedule, or marking period/semester report card) issued for the prior school year.

The following items should be included on the official transcript:

  • Scholar Name
  • Grade Level
  • School Year (example: 2018–19)
  • School Name
  • Credits Earned
  • Signature/seal from the authorizing school official

Not Sure How to Get Your Child’s Report Card or Transcript?
Contact your scholar’s previous school and request the document, providing them with the information outlined above, OR contact your school’s district office with the request.

If after attempting these steps you still cannot obtain your scholar’s report card or official transcript, please contact the Enrollment Team at 877-506-8631. We are here to help!

Have Your Child(ren) Been Formerly Homeschooled?

For Homeschooled Scholars in Grades K-8:
Please complete a Prior Academic History Report Card indicating what courses were completed through a homeschool curriculum. All core courses must be accounted and the report card should include the completed school year.

For Home Schooled Scholars in Grades 9-12:
Please provide complete records which include evidence of attendance, state/national test results, curriculum followed, copy of Private School Affidavit, and portfolio of work for review by school personnel.

Other Documents for Special Circumstances
Though not applicable to all families, please submit the documentation requested if the information below is specific to your scholar:

Proof of Legal Guardianship: If your legal guardianship is determined by a court order, please submit a copy of the order.

Disciplinary Reports: If your scholar has been expelled or suspended within the last year, please submit a copy of the disciplinary reports provided by the previous school.

Special Education Documentation: If your scholar has had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), please submit the following documents:

IEP Documentation: Please submit a copy of the most recent IEP from within the last year.

Supporting Evaluation Documentation: Please submit a copy of the most recent Multidisciplinary Team Report or assessments.

Additional Special Education Documentation:

IEP Exit Documentation: If your scholar has been formally exited from special education services, please submit a copy of the formal exit documentation.

Referral for Assessment: The referral process is a formal, ongoing review of information related to scholars who are suspected of having special needs and show potential signs of needing special education and related services. Compass Charter Schools’ internal method for referral for assessment will be the Scholar Study Team. The parent of any scholar suspected of needing or qualifying for special education services may also make a referral for an evaluation. Any such referrals will be responded to in writing by CCS within 15 days. CCS will notify the El Dorado Charter SELPA of the assessment request within 5 days of receipt. Parents will be informed by our Special Education Manager that special education and related services are provided at no cost to them.

If CCS, in collaboration with El Dorado Charter SELPA, concludes that an assessment is appropriate, the parent will receive a written Assessment Plan within 15 days. The parent will be given at least 15 days to provide written consent to the Assessment Plan. Assessments will be done only upon receipt of written parent permission. The assessment will be completed and an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting held within 60 days of receipt of the parent’s written consent for assessment.

504 Plan: If your scholar has had a 504 Plan within the past three years, please submit a copy of this document.