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Hello and welcome to Compass Charter Schools Curriculum Locker! Please click on the link below to take a look at our book catalog.

Navigating our Curriculum Locker

The platform Book Connect offers 4 different viewing options. Lists, Cards, Covers, and Shelves.

Try it out!

List View

The list view shows all the items in a neat list.

Card View

The card view shows your books in cards, with the most important identifying information about the book.

Cover View

The cover view shows all the front covers of the book or item. Use the slider to control the size of the images.

Shelves View

The shelves view shows all the front covers of your books on shelves. Use the slider to control the size of the images on the shelves, and even pick from several different shelf styles!

Alphabet bar

At the top of your screen, you will find the alphabet bar with 28 buttons, “All”, “0-9” for numbers, and then “A” to “Z”.
You can use the alphabet bar to quickly filter your books by their first letter.

The quickest way to find the book or item you’re looking for is to use Quick Search located at the top right of the page.

For detailed navigation instructions please Click Here

How do I check out items from the Curriculum Locker?

Please note all items listed in the catalog are what is currently available for check-out. 

Step 1: Once you have decided on the item you would like to check out, go ahead and double-click the icon for your item.  

Step 2:  Here you will find all the details listed about the item including the quantity, title and the item # which you will need to know when listing the items for check out.
Please be sure to list out the full title of the books along with the item # at the bottom of the form to complete your check-out request.  

Step 3: When you are ready to check out the items you will need to fill out the  CCS Curriculum Locker Checkout Form to do so. 

Once you have completed the checkout form, that request will be sent to our Central Office to process and prepare your order!

For detailed instructions on checking out items from our Curriculum Locker Click Here.

Curriculum Locker FAQ’s

Shipping Fees?

  • Flat rate ($25) shipping and per item ($1) handling that is taken from / utilized from educational support funds.
  • We will contact you once the order is ready to be sent, to confirm the shipment price.
  • Once approved by you, we will get the items sent out.

How long will it take to receive my books from the Curriculum Locker?

  • Ship out dates will be every Tuesday which may vary depending on the availability of the items you are requesting.
  • If an item you request is not available the Central Office will contact you directly before shipping your order.

How do I return my items back to the Curriculum Locker?

  • A reminder email will be sent out to the LC requesting items to be returned back to Compass. Included in that email will be an itemized list of items to return along with a shipping label.
  • If at any time you wish to return items before the school year please email to request a shipping label.

What to return?

  • Please return all non-consumable items back at the end of each school year. 
  • Items labeled with a Green Consumable label on the front of the item are the LC’s choice to keep or return back to  Compass.
  • Items that are non-consumable will also be labeled on the front of the item with a Pink Non-Consumable label.

Contact Information
Curriculum Locker Location:
850 Hampshire Rd Suite R
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361